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Effective training is the basis for successful muscle building or fat loss. Whether beginner, advanced or professional with the right training plan you will achieve his athletic goals not only more effective, but also healthier.


If you eat a balanced and healthy diet, you will get into top shape faster. A healthy diet promotes overall performance, supports the regeneration of your body and your mental well-being.


Healthy, delicious and simple: The best recipes for effective muscle building. Whether delicious banana cookies or the deluxe pizza made from high-quality protein - discover classic dishes and the most unusual creations that should not be missing in any nutrition plan!


A healthy lifestyle should not be one-sided - a balanced diet, regular exercise and sufficient regeneration phases are essential for your health. Supplements such as creatine or omega-3 fatty acids can be used as a supplement for a healthy lifestyle and a higher performance during training.
Training plans

Training plans

Here you can find the best training plans from your role models. You can download each plan, print it out and share it with your friends. Only those who follow a good plan will achieve their goals in the end. Every athlete follows his own philosophy. Our training plans should make it easier for you to find a training philosophy that suits you.

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