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    Shred Cuts - 90 capsules

    GN Laboratories

    Shred Cuts Put an end to annoying water retention in the subcutaneous tissues that make your muscles appear soft and spongy and achieve...

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    Original price €29,90 - Original price €29,90
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What are diuretics?

Diuretics are products that stimulate excretion of excess water stored in the body. Excess water retention can not only worsen visual muscle definition and give you a spongy, bloated appearance, but also have negative effects on blood pressure.

What are the benefits of natural diuretics compared to the prescription diuretics widely used by bodybuilders?

Prescription diuretics can have serious side effects as they often cause an excretion of vital electrolytes such as potassium. This can throw the body's electrolyte balance out of balance, which in extreme cases can lead to life-threatening conditions and has almost cost the lives of some competitive bodybuilders. In contrast, diuretics based on natural ingredients and plant extracts such as dandelion extract, horsetail extract, uva ursi extract, juniper extract, hydrangea extract, celery seed extract, stinging nettle extract, craneberry extract and parsley extract are practically free of unwanted side effects and also have no negative influence on the electrolyte balance.

Who can benefit from the use of diuretics?

Among the most common users of diuretics are bodybuilders who want to eliminate water stored under the skin to achieve a harder and more defined appearance for a competition or photo shoot. Because many anabolic steroids can promote water retention due to a conversion to estrogen, diuretics are also popular among users of such performance-enhancing substances. Athletes in other disciplines use diuretics to reduce their body weight in the short term so they can compete in a lower weight class. However, the use of diuretics is not limited to athletes. Non-athletes are also increasingly using diuretics to eliminate unwanted water retention. Furthermore, people suffering from high blood pressure can benefit from using diuretics, as excess water retention can further aggravate high blood pressure.

What are the main benefits of diuretics?

  • Elimination of unwanted water retention
  • Reduction of water stored under the skin for a harder and more defined appearance of the muscles
  • Reduction of body weight for reaching a lower weight class
  • Reduction of excessive blood pressure associated with water retention All-natural ingredients and therefore free from the undesirable side effects of prescription diuretics