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Flash shipping

For orders received by 14:00 on weekdays, we can guarantee a flash shipment. This delivery is processed by our customer service staff, then packed by our warehouseman and handed over to our market-leading supplier for delivery!

We strive to have the products offered on our website in stock for you at all times. If an item is not available, we will inform you by e-mail. Many orders are ready for shipment after 24 hours, after receipt of order and after receipt of the invoice amount in case of payment in advance will be shipped thereafter. The delivery time depends primarily on the delivery company. You will receive an e-mail as soon as your order has left our warehouse. If we do not have a product in stock, it will be ordered immediately from the manufacturer, after prior consultation. Please note that the delivery time will then be delayed by 3-7 days. The delivery time is extended appropriately in the case of measures within the scope of work stoppages and circumstances for which we are not responsible, such as legal or official orders (e.g. import and export restrictions) or in cases of delivery delays due to force majeure.

If the delivery of your order seems too long, write an email to our shipping service at webmaster[at]gigasnutrition.com


flash shipping


Transport company

We have been working exclusively with the market leader DHL for years as far as deliveries are concerned and can thus guarantee on-time delivery and at the same time maintain the quality of the products and customer satisfaction.