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Multicomponent protein

As the name suggests, a multicomponent protein consists of a combination of different protein sources. The basic idea here is to combine different protein sources with different benefits and different amino acid profiles to obtain a product that combines the benefits of several types of protein in itself and has an optimal amino acid profile.

What makes an optimal multicomponent protein?

A good multicomponent protein is much more than a randomly thrown together mixture of different protein sources. Classic multicomponent proteins usually consist of a combination of fast digesting protein sources such as whey protein, soy protein and egg protein with slower digesting protein sources such as milk protein isolate, casein and whole egg protein. This blend results in a protein supplement that combines the benefits of both fast and slow digesting proteins, as it has both a rapid release of amino acids, resulting in a rapid increase in blood amino acid levels, and a long sustained release of amino acids, which keeps blood amino acid levels elevated for a long time. Often, a combination of different high-quality protein sources also improves the amino acid profile of the final product.

The continuously increasing popularity of purely plant-based vegan proteins has led to the development of multicomponent proteins composed exclusively of plant-based protein sources. Since plant proteins usually have a significantly lower biological value compared to animal proteins, as certain essential amino acids are only contained in small amounts, the focus in this category of products is often on increasing the biological value of the end product, which is achieved by combining protein sources that complement each other in terms of their amino acid profile.

How to use a multicomponent protein?

A multicomponent protein is used by most users as an "all-around" protein powder, used both as a meal replacement and as a snack at any time of day to meet the protein needs of the body and muscles

What are the main benefits of a multicomponent protein?

  • Continuous amino acid release through a combination of slow and fast digesting protein sources
  • Optimal amino acid profile through a combination of different protein sources Optimal "all-round" protein for any time of day