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Pure Creatine Creapure® - 500g

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By far the most effective natural supplement for maximum strength and maximum muscle building, whose effect has been proven beyond doubt in thousands of studies over the last 30 years, from German production in the purest form that the market has to offer!

  • Increase your training performance
  • Increase your muscle protein synthesis for leaner and more defined muscles
  • Increases recovery for more intense and frequent workouts
  • Increases muscle pump, maximizes muscle cell volume for a fuller, harder and bigger looking muscle
  • The purest creatine in the world with a guaranteed purity of incredible 99.95% - every batch is laboratory tested
  • According to extensive long-term studies, this is not only safe for health, but also offers many health benefits that can benefit not only athletes
  • Purest creatine from German production without unnecessary fillers or additives
Nutritional values and ingredients
Compositionper 3 g% of the reference amount (NRV*) (per 3 g)
Creatine Monohydrate3 g**

Ingredients: Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure®)

*Percent of the recommended daily intake according to Regulation (EU) No. 1196/2011.

**No nutrient reference values (NRV) available.

Consumption recommendation

Stir daily 1x3g (1 scoop) in 150 ml of liquid, and drink it!


Food supplements are not intended to be a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Keep out of reach of children!

Certificate of Analysis
Download Pure Creatine Creapure® - 500g lab analysis PDF here.

Content: 500g Item no.: 6790

What is creatine and how can it maximize your athletic performance?

Creatine is a naturally occurring compound in the body that plays a crucial role in ATP production in your muscles. ATP, which is short for adenosine triphosphate, is also known as the body's "energy currency" because during intense muscular efforts it is the only source of readily available energy that your muscles can use for powerful contractions during heavy training sets.

Unfortunately, the ATP reserves of your muscles are severely limited and start to run out after only 10 seconds during a training set with heavy weights. This means that your body needs to produce new ATP as soon as possible, otherwise you will run out of energy and have to finish your set. Since ATP production by burning muscle glycogen would take too long, your body is left with the creatine phosphate pathway to maintain your training performance - but even the natural creatine phosphate reserves of your muscles are unfortunately limited...

And this is where creatine starts to work its magic. By supplementing with creatine, you can maximize your muscles' creatine stores and therefore your creatine phosphate reserves, which will not only help you perform more reps per set, but also give you the strength to move heavier weights (1). This will allow you to provide a more intense training stimulus for building more strength and muscle mass.

And the best thing about this is that creatine is not one of those highly hyped fad supplements that quickly disappear from the market because they only sound good on paper but disappoint in practice. Creatine has been used successfully by millions of athletes for almost 30 years, and well over 1000 human studies have been able to clearly prove, without a hint of doubt, both its many positive effects in terms of muscle building and athletic performance, as well as its safety and harmlessness (2). But creatine can do even more:

Maximize your muscle growth with Pure German Creapure®.

Of course, by allowing you to train harder and more intensely, you will already be building more muscle mass much faster, but Pure German Creapure® can also accelerate and maximize your muscle growth through other pathways. Muscle grows by building new muscle protein in the form of muscle tissue, and creatine will not only boost your muscle protein synthesis after training (3), but also promote the fusion of sattelite cells ("dormant" muscle stem cells) with your muscle fibers (4).

In addition, creatine, as a natural myostatin inhibitor, is able to inhibit myostatin, which acts as a natural brake on muscle growth, and reduce its levels by up to 20% (5) to give you literally unrestrained muscle growth.

And that's not all. 1 gram of creatine binds about 30 grams of water in the muscle cells, resulting in a dramatic increase in your muscle cell volume. Not only will your muscles look like they're about to burst, but your body will (mistakenly) view this increased pressure as a threat to the structural integrity of your muscles and respond by growing muscle cells to make them more resistant (6), further accelerating your muscle growth.

Why is Pure German Creapure® superior to most other creatine products?

We openly admit that you'll find plenty of cheaper creatine products on the market as well as many supposedly superior, fancy, novel creatine dosage forms - but neither cheap nor fancy equals really good.

As for all these newfangled creatine products, you should keep in mind that virtually all studies showing creatine's effectiveness have been done with creatine monohydrate - the ingredient in Pure German Creapure®, while the effectiveness of all other forms of creatine has generally not been scientifically proven, and many of these products in the past have been nothing more than an expensive disappointment.

The biggest advantage of Pure German Creapure® is the guaranteed purity of 99.95%. This is less about the few percent more creatine you get for your money, but primarily about your health. If creatine is not produced under optimal conditions, as has repeatedly been the case with cheap creatine from China in the past, the end product can contain significant amounts of potentially carcinogenic and harmful byproducts of the synthesis process such as dicyandiamide and dihydrotriazine - which is completely excluded in a product with a purity of 99.95%.

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