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Hydrocyn - 200g

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The insider tip from professional bodybuilding and performance sports for maximum cell volumization, insane pump, optimal hydration, increased blood volume, insane vascularity and incredible definition is now available in convenient powder form!

  • Strong muscle pump due to rapid increase in volume of muscle cells
  • More blood volume for better pump and vascularity
  • Stronger muscles due to more muscle cell volume
  • Completely natural and free from harmful side effects
  • Enhances creatine effect synergistically
  • Improved definition, vascularity and muscle hardness for competitive bodybuilders
  • Significantly increased power
  • Can significantly improve the performance of endurance athletes.
  • Create your own customized pump supplement
Nutritional values and ingredients

Average nutritional values
per 100 gper 3 g% of the reference amount
Glycopump®100 g3 g
thereof glycerol (pure)66 g1,98 g**

Ingredients: Glycerin powder (sieved) (glycerin, carrier: silicon dioxide).

*Percent of the recommended daily intake according to Regulation (EU) No. 1196/2011.

**No nutrient reference values (NRV) available.

Consumption recommendation

Daily dissolve 2.5 g of powder in at least 500 ml of water and drink. Best 30 minutes before training.


Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Keep out of reach of small children!

Content: 200g Item No.: 5688

One of the best kept secrets in the field of bodybuilding and competitive sports.

When it comes to maximizing muscle cell volume, creatine usually spontaneously comes to mind for most athletes and bodybuilders, but there is another completely natural and harmless ingredient that has long been a well-kept secret in the field of bodybuilding and competitive sports in general: glycerin. But glycerin can do much more than just increase muscle cell volume. In addition to increasing muscle cell volume, glycerin can significantly enhance the effects of creatine, significantly improve the hydration state of the body, and even increase blood volume. This results in a whole range of very interesting applications for bodybuilders and competitive athletes in the endurance field, which we will discuss in more detail in a moment.


Glycerin is a naturally occurring compound in the human body that forms the "backbone" of dietary fats, to which three fatty acids are attached. The fact that glycerin has never really been able to establish itself in the supplement industry is probably primarily due to the fact that pure glycerin is a viscous liquid which, in undiluted form, strongly irritates the mucous membranes and must never be consumed pure. These problems are circumvented by the patented HYDROCYN™, which is a stable glycerin dosage form in powder form that comprises a full 65% glycerin compared to inferior glycerin monostearate powder, which contains only about 10% glycerin. Thus, HYDROCYN™ is the most highly concentrated form of glycerin in powder form.

What makes HYDROCYN™ from GN Laboratories so special and what effects does it have?

The first effect of glycerin, and therefore HYDROCYN™, is that it draws water into the muscle cells of the body. This leads to increased cell volumization, which results in a significantly increased muscle pump. This pump is further enhanced by the fact that HYDROCYN™ also causes a significant increase in blood volume. This effect is so pronounced that WADA has added glycerin to the list of banned substances, as a significant increase in blood volume can mask the ingestion of banned performance-enhancing drugs. The result of these two effects is an insane, literally skin-bursting pump that is so extreme you have to have experienced it to believe it.

Such an extreme pump is much more than just an insanely awesome feeling, which Arnold Schwarzenegger once described as the greatest feeling ever. A significant increase in muscle cell volume has a scientifically well-documented anabolic effect that can promote and accelerate muscle growth. In addition to this, increased cell volumization causes an improvement in intramuscular leverage ratios, which can result in a significant increase in strength.

Another important aspect of building muscle is stretching the fascia. Fascia is a tightly interwoven network of hard, fibrous tissue that wraps tightly and firmly around muscles and maintains their structural integrity. Unfortunately, fascia also limits the space available for our muscles to grow. Scientific studies have shown that repeated stretching of the fascia through certain stretching exercises - and likely stretching due to maximizing muscle volume - can promote and accelerate muscle growth.

Increased muscle cell volumization, by the way, is one of the main reasons that aromatizing steroids, which cause heavy water retention in muscle tissue, increase muscle growth and strength much more than non-aromatizing steroids, which do not cause water retention.

Another advantage of HYDROCYN™ is that it significantly improves the hydration of the body, which is particularly beneficial when training at higher temperatures. Adequate hydration is so important because even slight dehydration as a result of a fluid loss of just 2% of body fluid leads to a significant drop in physical performance, and this applies equally to strength athletes and endurance athletes. This is also the reason why glycerine is used by numerous high-performance athletes in endurance sports.

HYDROCYN™ for a harder, more defined and vascular appearance in competitive bodybuilders.

Among competitive bodybuilders, glycerin has long been considered an insider's tip. With an already very low body fat percentage, HYDROCYN™ can help the athlete achieve a harder and drier appearance by drawing unwanted water from the subcutaneous tissue into the muscle cells. This effect is enhanced by the fact that Hydri Max™ significantly increases muscle cell volume in the process, resulting in muscles that appear larger and plumper. As an added bonus, the aforementioned increase in blood volume caused by HYDROCYN™ significantly improves vascularity.

If you want a hard, defined look for a competition with maximum muscle fullness and veins like roads on a road map, HYDROCYN™ is exactly what you need!

With which supplements can HYDROCYN™ work synergistically?

Scientific research has shown that glycerin - and thus HYDROCYN™ - was able to dramatically increase the cell volumizing effects of creatine. A combination of creatine and glycerin produced 40% greater cell volumization than creatine alone and 50% greater cell volumization than glycerin alone. So it's a more than good idea to mix a serving of HYDROCYN™ with your creatine.

If you want an insane pump that is out of this world, and you have always been disappointed by all other pump supplements so far, then you should combine HYDROCYN™ with a pump supplement that increases the pump via an increase in nitric oxide production and an increased blood supply to the trained muscles. Because HYDROCYN™ works through a completely different pathway, the individual effects of HYDROCYN™ and pump supplements that work by increasing nitric oxide production will add up, resulting in a pump you never thought possible before. Good candidates for such a combination would be, for example, our Arginine Polyhydrate™ and/or our Citrulline Polyhydrate™. We also use this principle with our popular Narc Limited Edition 2K16. Of course, creatine should not be missing from such a combination to achieve maximum muscle cell volumization.

The GN Laboratories Quality Guarantee

We use only the purest and highest quality ingredients the market has to offer. In order to guarantee you a consistent, highest quality of all our products, each of our products is regularly tested in the laboratory for the purity and quality of all its ingredients.

Important note: Due to the natural physical properties of HYDROCYN™ Glycerin, the powder has a slightly sticky consistency. This is not due to an excessive moisture content, but rather represents a normal physical property of HYDROCYN™ Glycerin. The shelf life and effect of the product are not affected by this.

Important note for athletes who have to undergo doping tests: Some sports organizations, such as WADA prohibit the use of larger amounts (over 2g of pure glycerin) of glycerin prior to athletic competition, as an increase in blood volume caused by glycerin may mask the use of prohibited performance-enhancing compounds. Therefore, please clarify the use of HYDROCYN™ in advance with your sports organization.

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