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Cissus Xplode - 120 capsules

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GN Laboratories Cissus Xplode Promotes healing and rebuilding of ligaments, tendons, joints and bones!

Optimal supplement for healing, health, muscle building and fat loss

  • Promotes healing and reconstruction of ligaments, tendons, joints and bones
  • Support for ligaments, tendons and joints during hard training loads
  • Has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Can significantly reduce the level of the catabolic hormone cortisol
  • Promotes the maintenance of a positive nitrogen balance and muscle building
  • Possesses a strong anticatabolic effect
  • Significantly accelerates fat loss
  • Protects muscle mass during dieting
  • Has positive effects on blood lipid levels and cholesterol levels
  • Contains powerful antioxidants
  • High quality extract with the highest possible concentration of active ingredients
  • 100% natural and safe
Nutritional values and ingredients
Compositionper 2 capsules% of the reference amount (NRV*)
Cissus quadrangularis extract1600 mg**
thereof ketosterones640 mg**
thereof 3 - ketosterones320 mg**

Ingredients: Cissus quadrangularis - extract (of which 40% ketosterones & 20% 3-ketosterones),capsule shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

*Percent of the recommended daily intake according to Regulation (EU) No. 1196/2011.

**No nutrient reference values (NRV) available.

Consumption recommendation

Take 1 capsule 10 minutes before breakfast and 1 capsule 10 minutes before the last meal of the day.


Not recommended for use by persons under 18 years of age. Do not exceed the specified recommended daily intake. Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children

Content: 120 capsules Item No.: 8021

GN Laboratories Cissus Xplode is a new innovative supplement that contains a high quality Cissus Quadrangularis extract, standardized to the highest possible level of active ingredients, in a high concentration as the sole active ingredient. No other Cissus Quadrangularis product on the market that we are aware of contains a higher amount of active ingredients than Cissus Xplode. Cissus Quadrangularis extract is a completely natural and harmless active ingredient that is enjoying a steady rise in popularity in the field of sports supplementation, and not without reason. Best known may be the positive effects of Cissus Quadrangularis on ligaments, tendons, joints and bones. Countless athletes around the world swear by Cissus Quadrangularis extracts to support the healing of injuries in these areas, as Cissus Quadrangularis greatly accelerates the healing process of ligaments, tendons, joints, and bones as well as reliably relieves injury-related pain like no other natural supplement on the market.

But Cissus Quadrangularis extracts are not only of interest to athletes who care about optimal health of their joints, ligaments, tendons and bones. Cissus Quadrangularis, unbeknownst to many, is an excellent supplement for supporting fat loss and maintaining muscle mass while dieting. As numerous studies have clearly demonstrated, Cissus Quadrangularis extracts significantly accelerate fat loss during dieting, while protecting existing muscle mass from catabolic breakdown, in addition to possessing positive effects on blood lipid levels and other health markers (8, 9, 10).

In addition, Cissus Quadrangularis extracts can significantly promote muscle building via various mechanisms such as a strong anti-catabolic effect, a potential blood flow enhancing effect, and a faster adaptation of ligaments, tendons, joints and bones to increasing training weights.

So much for the good news. Unfortunately, all these statements only apply to really high-quality Cissus Quadrangularis extracts, of which there are unfortunately not many on the market. For many supplement manufacturers, quick profits are unfortunately still much more important than satisfied customers... Don't waste your hard-earned money on Cissus products with questionable quality of ingredients, but rather opt for GN Laboratories Cissus Xplode right away, which contains probably the highest quality Cissus Quadrangularis extract you will find on the market. Whether you suffer from injuries to ligaments, tendons, joints and bones, want to accelerate your weight loss while dieting and protect your muscle mass, or simply want to build muscle quickly without overloading ligaments, tendons, joints and bones, GN Laboratories Cissus Xplode is the right product for you.

What is Cissus Quadrangularis?

Cissus Quadrangularis, whose extract is the active ingredient in GN Laboratories Cissus Xplode, is a plant that belongs to the grape family and was originally native to India, Africa and Sri Lanka. Cissus Quadrangularis has been an integral part of traditional Indian Siddah medicine for centuries, where it is used as a tonic, pain reliever and remedy for broken bones. The active constituents of Cissus Quadrangularis include ketosterones such as 3-ketosterone, flavonoids, phytosterols, beta-sitosterone, tritepenoids, tannins, quercitin, acsorbic acid, carotenes and calcium oxolate (1, 2, 7), which are present in high concentrations in this plant.

GN Laboratories Cissus Xplode to support the healing and health of ligaments, tendons, joints and bones As countless athletes around the world can painfully attest, there are few things that can hinder training progress more than an injury or pain in the area of ligaments, tendons, bones or joints. Athletes often use various painkillers such as ibuprofen or diclofenac to continue training despite pain caused by injury. However, this approach has two serious disadvantages: firstly, only the symptoms of the injuries are treated, but not the injury itself, which can ultimately lead to a further aggravation of the injury, as the warning pain is suppressed and secondly, many painkillers from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs unfortunately also inhibit muscle building, according to studies.

Don't make the same mistake and use GN Laboratories' Cissus Xplode instead of traditional painkillers for ligament tendon, joint and bone injuries. Cissus Xpolde, unlike painkillers, doesn't just fight the symptoms, it gets to the root of the problem by promoting and accelerating the healing and rebuilding of ligaments, tendons, bones and joints, while significantly relieving injury-related pain through its powerful anti-inflammatory effects (11, 12, 13).

Numerous studies show that the active ingredients contained in Cissus Quadrangularis have such a powerful healing-promoting effect that they can even significantly accelerate the healing of bone fractures (14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19). As an added bonus, unlike painkillers, Cissus Xplode does not inhibit muscle growth, but actually has a muscle building and positive nitrogen balance promoting effect due to different mechanisms, which will be discussed in more detail below!

But GN Laboratories Cissus Xplode is not only the drug of choice for accelerating the healing process. It can also be used preventively to promote optimal condition of ligaments, tendons, bones and joints so that injuries do not occur in the first place. In particular, athletes who use performance enhancing products that provide a rapid increase in strength and muscle building can benefit from Cissus Xplode. Unfortunately, the problem with a rapid increase in strength is that ligaments, tendons and joints cannot adapt quickly enough to the increasing loads, which greatly increases the risk of injury. GN Laboratories' Cissus Xplode can help your ligaments, tendons, and joints increase their resistance more quickly so that they are better able to handle the increasing demands during training, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

GN Laboratories Cissus Xplode to support fat loss.

A number of interesting studies (8, 9, 10) have shown that Cissus Quadrangularis extract can have significant positive effects on fat loss and blood lipid levels. In one of these studies (9), subjects were given either a placebo or 150 mg of Cissus Quadrangularis extract twice daily for a period of 10 weeks. The subjects were not required to follow a special diet, but were free to eat as they wished. The results after 10 weeks of taking the Cissus Quadrangularis extract were amazing and showed a pronounced fat loss accelerating effect of Cissus Quadrangularis.

The subjects who were given the Cissus Quadrangularis extract lost an average of 8.73 kilos (or 8.82% of their body weight), compared to only 2.06 kilos (or 2.1% of body weight) in the placebo group - and that without any conscious dietary changes or dieting! This corresponds to a more than four times higher weight loss when using a Cissus Quadrangularis extract! The results regarding the reduction of body fat percentage were just as clear. While the placebo group was only able to reduce their body fat percentage by an average of 3.97%, the Cissus Quadrangularis group was able to reduce it by an astonishing 14.63%. Furthermore, research suggests that Cissus Quadrangularis may increase serotonin levels in the blood, resulting in a reduction in appetite. But Cissus Xplode from GN Laboratories can do even more during a diet than simply accelerate fat loss. Because studies have shown that Cissus Quadrangularis extract can significantly lower cortisol levels in the body or reduce the catabolic effect of cortisol (4, 5, 6), Cissus Xplode has a strong anti-catabolic effect that can greatly reduce or even completely prevent the dreaded muscle breakdown during dieting.

Thus, GN Laboratories Cissus Xplode takes care of the two most important aspects of any diet: accelerating fat loss and maintaining hard-earned muscle mass - what more can you expect from a fat loss supplement?

GN Laboratories Cissus Xplode as (anabolic) support for muscle building.

We will not go into detail here about the statement made in some promotional texts that Cissus Quadrangularis extracts can significantly increase testosterone levels. Although there seems to be evidence of this, further research is needed to confirm this definitively. Equally interesting is the much better documented positive effect that Cissus Quadrangularis has on the catabolic hormone cortisol. By being able to significantly lower cortisol levels in the body or reduce the catabolic effect of cortisol (4, 5, 6), Cissus Quadrangularis exerts a powerful anti-catabolic effect that, according to some, can even rival the anti-catabolic effect of certain anabolic steroids.

As most readers will be aware, cortisol is a hormone that can, among other things, cause muscle tissue breakdown. If one now manages to achieve a reduction in muscle breakdown by lowering cortisol levels, then this ultimately means faster muscle gain, as the net increase in muscle mass is nothing more than the amount of new muscle tissue built minus the amount of muscle tissue broken down in the same period of time. Interestingly, the muscle-building effects of anabolic steroids are also based at least as much on their anti-catabolic (inhibiting muscle breakdown) as their anabolic (promoting muscle growth) effects.

Users also frequently report a significantly stronger pump during exercise after 10 to 15 days of continuous use of Cissus Quadrangularis, indicating an improvement in blood flow to the muscles and better blood circulation to the muscle tissue. Although there is no scientific research that we are aware of regarding the blood flow enhancing effects of Cissus Quadrangularis, this is an interesting indication that Cissus Quadrangularis may indeed have such an effect, which is most likely due to blood flow enhancing flavonoids contained in Cissus Quadrangularis and (many other plants of the grape family) (3). As all users of pump supplements will attest, better blood flow to muscle tissue can significantly promote muscle growth by improving the supply of nutrients, oxygen, and anabolic hormones to the muscles.

Other potential positive effects of GN Laboratories Cissus Xplode on health

And as if all the benefits of Cissus Quadrangularis extract described so far were not enough, there are a multitude of other potential health benefits associated with Cissus Quadrangularis that could easily fill an entire book. For the sake of space, we will limit ourselves here to a brief bullet-point list of these benefits. Cissus Quadrangularis has antibacterial and antimicrobial effects (1), it can counteract osteoporosis (20), it can alleviate digestive tract disorders (21, 22), it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects (11, 12, 13, 23), it can improve cholesterol and blood lipid levels (9), and it also has strong antioxidant properties (24) that can counteract the harmful effects of free radicals in the body.

The GN Laboratories Quality Guarantee

We use only the purest and highest quality ingredients the market has to offer. The Cissus Quadrangularis extract we use is standardized to the highest possible content of the active ingredients such as ketosterones and 3-ketosterone, which is not exceeded by any other product we know of on the market.

To be able to guarantee you a consistent, highest quality of all our products, each of our products is regularly tested in the laboratory for the purity and quality of all its ingredients.

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