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Boron - 120 capsules

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Boron is a trace element necessary for a variety of different vital metabolic functions. It has a great impact on health and in studies supported bone growth (1), healing processes in the body (2) and even cognitive performance (3). GN delivers the active ingredient as usual, in the best quality and tested by independent laboratories. Boron from GN Laboratories - because in the end only results count.

  • Numerous positive effects
  • Enables numerous metabolic functions
  • Effects demonstrated in studies:
  • Bone growth and maintenance (1)
  • Anti-inflammatory effect (2)
  • Promotes wound healing (4)
  • Influences hormone levels (5)
  • Easy to dose capsule form
  • Proven quality - Made in Germany
    Nutritional values and ingredients
    CompositionPer capsule% of the reference amount (NRV*)
    Boron3 mg**

    Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, coating agent: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetable capsule shell), sodium borate.

    *Percent of the recommended daily intake according to Regulation (EU) No. 1196/2011.

    **No nutrient reference values (NRV) available.

    Consumption recommendation

    Take 1 capsule daily, unchewed, with sufficient water.


    Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the specified recommended daily intake. Store out of reach of small children!

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    Content: 120 capsules Item No.: 7029

    What is Boron ?

    Boron is a trace element with a wide range of metabolic functions that are vital for the human organism. However, boron plays a major role not only in human health, but also in plants, animals and, as scientific studies suggest, possibly also in the entire evolution of life on earth. Although science is not yet aware of all the functions of boron in the human body, it has been demonstrated in subjects of various studies that boron has beneficial effects on brain activity, bone metabolism, steroid hormone production, vitamin D metabolism, and arthritic joint conditions, among others. (3, 1, 5, 7).

    What benefits can supplementation with boron bring?

    Supplementation with boron can provide a number of benefits. These are based on ensuring a healthy and adequate supply of the trace mineral, and the associated prevention of boron deficiency. Previous claims that boron dramatically increases the production of muscle-building androgenic hormones have been proven by studies to be greatly exaggerated. Nevertheless, studies have demonstrated that boron is involved in the natural production of male and female sex horm ones in subjects and appears to be important for balanced and, more importantly, optimal production of these hormones (5, 7). In addition, studies showed that boron supplementation in healthy young men was able to lower estrogen levels and significantly increase levels of free - and thus active - androgenic hormones (5,7). At the same time, there was a reduction in the levels of inflammatory markers, indicating an anti-inflammatory effect of boron, which in turn could also be associated with the positive effect on hormone levels (8). Optimized hormone levels, in turn, have been repeatedly equated with better performance and increased muscle development in studies (9). Boron plays an important role in both the integration of calcium into articular cartilage and in inhibiting the breakdown of hyaluronic acid. This is an important component of our cartilage tissue and synovial fluid (synovial fluid ). Given this, it is not surprising that boron supplementation has been shown to slow the development of arthritic joint symptoms in subjects and relieve joint pain (6,10). Another function that boron significantly affects in the human body is the maintenance of healthy and stable bones. This effect is based, among other things, on a reduction in the excretion of important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus (11). However, boron also supports both the production and use of vitamin D in the body (12). In addition to the effects on bones and body, higher boron intake also appears to have positive effects on cognitive function, concentration, motor skills, and memory (3). In addition, one of the most common uses of boron is to activate the pineal gland. The pineal gland is an endocrine gland located in the diencephalon that is responsible, among other things, for the production and release of the hormone melatonin, which regulates the sleep-wake cycle. With increasing age, there may be increasing calcification of the pineal gland (13). Such calcification has been associated with impaired melatonin production, with all its negative effects on health and sleep, as well as increased risk of Alzheimer's disease in subjects in one study (14). Calcification of the pineal gland has been attributed to fluorides, among other factors (14, 15). Therefore, health experts cited a discharge of excess fluoride as a suitable measure to prevent and reduce calcifications of the pineal gland. Clinical studies have shown that sodium borate is suitable for such fluoride elimination (14,15).

    Boron is a trace element that has been investigated in recent years in the framework of numerous studies, more and more comprehensive. Although still not all benefits on the human body are considered proven, a variety of positive effects have already been demonstrated in test subjects. GN Laboratories delivers the active ingredient as usual in the best quality, so that all the benefits can fully unfold. Boron from GN Laboratories - because in the end only results count.

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