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GN 360 Shaker Black Smoke - 700ml

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GNn Wave Shaker - Does not drip! 

The Wave Shaker from GN at a glance: 

  • 700ml capacity
  • equipped with convex sieve
  • round drinking opening
  • Twist lock
  • with GN label

The upper part of the shaker was made from a particularly soft plastic. This material guarantees that the parts are pressed together when closing so that in no case water is let through during transport or shaking. This special design results in all the closures of the shaker being guaranteed waterproof. This product does not drip!!! Screw on lid and cap to twist. You open and close a shaker so many times a day. Why make it hard to do? Traditional flip lids can be hard to open or close. On our shaker, both lids are twist lids. So it is always light and easy to handle. Furthermore, there will be no unexpected accidents due to a poorly closed lid. Health is our first priority. We do not compromise when it comes to the health of our customers. With traditional water bottles and shankers, harmful chemicals such as BPA can leach out of the plastic. These can increase the risks of prostate problems or breast cancer and other diseases. Our shakers are made from high quality polypropylene. This material ensures that no harmful chemicals can dissolve from the shaker bottle and makes our product suitable for mixing and storing food. Our shakers are produced in the EU to ensure consistent quality under strictly controlled conditions. Comfortable handle. Due to the three notches on the side, the shaker fits comfortably in your hand even during hectic shaking.

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