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Gluco Rapid GDA - 90 capsules

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Maximize your workout energy and muscle gain while reducing fat and optimizing insulin resistance for better health

  • May accelerate muscle building through a nutrient redistributing effect
  • Maximizes the use of carbohydrates for recovery and muscle building
  • Reduces fat build-up, prevents carbohydrate storage as body fat
  • May accelerate fat loss
  • May prevent cravings due to blood sugar fluctuations
  • Optimal insulin sensitivity and stable blood glucose levels promote health
  • Can also reduce the risk of diabetes in non-athletes and promotes health

Nutritional values and ingredients
Compositionper 3 capsules% of reference amount (NRV*) (per 3 capsules)
Gymnema Sylvestre leaf extract500 mg**
thereof gymnemic acid126 mg**
Ceylon cinnamon - extract500 mg**
Bitter melon - extract250 mg**
thereof Charantin50 mg**
Banaba - extract150 mg**
thereof corosolic acid27 mg**
Berberine HCL150 mg**
NA-R alpha lipoic acid100 mg**
Chromium (as chromium picolinate)90 µg75 %

Ingredients: Gymnema Sylvestre leaf extract (of which 25% gymnemic acid), cinnamon - extract (Ceylon cinnamon), capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, bulking agent: rice flour, bitter melon - extract (20% charantin), banaba - extract (Lagerstroemia speciose L., contains 18% corosolic acid), Chinese golden thread root extract (98% Berberine HCL), sodium R-alpha lipoic acid, chompicolinate (of which 11% chromium).

*Percent of the recommended daily intake according to Regulation (EU) No. 1196/2011.

**No nutrient reference values (NRV) available.

Consumption recommendation
Take 3 capsules with sufficient liquid at meals rich in carbohydrates.
Not recommended for persons under 18 years of age. Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The specified recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children!

Content: 90 capsules Item No.: 7366

Did you know that your insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels can determine whether you build muscle or fat - and that classic bodybuilders in particular can have a problem here...

If you have eaten a meal that contains carbohydrates, there is a rise in blood glucose levels, to which the body reacts by releasing insulin. In this situation, there are two scenarios depending on the insulin sensitivity:

  • With good insulin sensitivity, your muscle cells are very sensitive to insulin, which means that maximum amounts of blood sugar are transported into your muscle cells, where it is used for energy, glycogen replenishment, and muscle building.
  • With poor insulin sensitivity, also known as insulin resistance, your muscle cells don't respond adequately to insulin, which means less blood sugar gets into your muscle cells, affecting your recovery, glycogen replenishment and muscle growth. Almost as bad, however, is that fat cells continue to be very sensitive to insulin, resulting in most of the excess blood sugar being stored in your fat cells in the form of body fat.

Unfortunately, it is precisely the classic bodybuilding diet, which includes many small meals spread throughout the day, that could contribute to insulin resistance. With such a diet, blood glucose levels and therefore insulin levels are elevated for most of the day, which causes muscle cells to become less sensitive to insulin.

The solution to this problem? - Gluco Rapid GDA!

Successful bodybuilders who are well versed in training and nutrition know the importance of good insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control. This innovative product contains the best and most effective natural compounds that will improve your insulin sensitivity and keep your blood sugar levels under control to help you achieve maximum muscle gain without accompanying fat gain.

However, Gluco Rapid is not just for the bulking phase. Even during a diet and definition phase, optimal insulin sensitivity can help you lose more fat while maintaining a maximum of your existing muscle mass - not to mention some additional benefits for fat loss that you will find below in the description of the individual ingredients.

Gluco Rapid GDA - not only for bodybuilders...

Gluco Rapid is a product that can benefit anyone who eats carbohydrates, whether they are athletes or non-athletes. Continuously elevated blood glucose levels are a common problem that sooner or later can lead to insulin resistance and eventually type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance and diabetes are two conditions that have reached epidemic proportions in our society.

Gluco Rapid, along with a healthier diet, can help reduce the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes and promote better overall health.

On which ingredients is the unique effect of Gluco Rapid GDA based?

Cinnamon extract

Not only is cinnamon a popular spice, but it can also lower blood glucose levels-both after a meal and fasting blood glucose levels (46, 47, 48, 49)-and improve insulin sensitivity (50, 51).

These effects are due in part to the fact that cinnamon can mimic the action of insulin and increase the transport of glucose into cells (52). In addition to this, cinnamon appears to slow the rate at which food passes through the digestive tract (53) and block digestive enzymes that break down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars (55, 55), both of which may reduce the rise in blood glucose levels after a meal.

Bitter melon extract

Bitter melon has long been used in the field of traditional medicine to treat diabetes, and scientific studies have confirmed the pronounced blood sugar-lowering effect of this fruit (21, 22, 23, 24, 25).

These effects are based, among other things, on the fact that bitter melon can both stimulate the body's own insulin production (27) and, through the polypeptide P it contains, exert a direct insulin effect on the insulin receptors of the cell (26), while at the same time improving insulin sensitivity (28). In addition to this, bitter melon inhibits the enzyme alpha-glucosidase, which breaks down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars in the digestive tract.

In addition, studies have shown that bitter melon can support weight loss and promote the reduction of abdominal fat (29, 30).


Berberine is an alkaloid contained in barberry that has been used for thousands of years in the field of traditional medicine to treat diabetes. Scientific studies confirm the pronounced blood sugar-lowering effects of berberine, which are similar to those of diabetes medications (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

These effects come from, among other things, an improvement in insulin sensitivity, increased glucose utilization in cells, and slower digestion of carbohydrates in the intestine. In addition, berberine can increase the number of insulin receptors in cells, and activate the enzyme AMPK, which is also known as the "metabolic master switch" and plays a key role in regulating metabolism (7, 8, 9, 10, 11). The latter results in increased use of carbohydrates and amino acids in muscle cells.

As an added bonus, berberine may promote fat loss according to studies (12, 13, 14) by optimizing the function of the fat-regulating hormones insulin adiponectin and leptin and inhibiting the growth of fat cells (15, 16).


Among its many other health benefits, alpha lipoic acid can lower blood glucose levels and improve the body's insulin sensitivity (36, 38, 39). This is due to the fact that it promotes glucose uptake into the body's cells, as well as burning of sugar (37, 40, 42, 43, 44, 45), as well as being able to exert an insulin effect on insulin receptors itself (36, 37).

In addition, alpha-lipoic acid optimizes fat metabolism and fat burning via activation of AMPK, which can accelerate the breakdown of body fat (41).

Banaba extract (corosolic acid)

Banaba extract contains corosolic acid as an active ingredient, which has been shown to lower blood glucose levels after a meal and reduce an increase in insulin levels (17, 19, 20) and has a number of other beneficial effects on the utilization of carbohydrates in the body.

Corosolic acid can improve insulin sensitivity and, in addition to this, also exert an insulin-like effect directly at the insulin receptors of the cells. Furthermore, corosolic acid increases the activity of GLUT4 transport proteins, which are responsible for transporting glucose from the blood into the muscle cells (18).

It also inhibits digestive enzymes responsible for breaking down complex carbohydrates, resulting in a slower increase in blood glucose levels after a meal.


Chromium is an important trace element that is essential for carbohydrate and fat metabolism and is necessary for both insulin production and insulin action at insulin receptors. A deficiency of chromium can therefore have catastrophic effects on insulin sensitivity and blood glucose levels, whereas chromium supplementation has been shown to lower blood glucose levels and improve insulin sensitivity (31, 32, 33, 34, 35).

Chromium deficiency is widespread and both intense physical training and high consumption of carbohydrates increase the need for chromium, which is why supplementation with chromium is especially important for athletes and bodybuilders.

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