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Valhalla Pre-Workout - 400g

from Gods Rage
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Nutritional values and ingredients
400 g
Supplement Facts
Serving Size1Serving(15g)
Servings Per Container26
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value*
Total vitamins and minerals:
Vitamin B123mcg125%
Magnesium Bisclycinate75mg13,3%
Pump Matrix:7750mg
Arginine Hydrochloride2500mg
Beetroot Powder250mg
Enery & Neurosensory Matrix:3700mg
Cordyceps sinensis500mg
Dimethyl Amino Ethanol (DMAE)250mg
Rhodiola Rosea Extract250mg
Cocoa Extract250mg
Caffeine (in total)200mg
Shisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract150mg
Ginkgo Bilboa Leaf Extract50mg
Guarana Fruit Extract41mg
Antioxidant & Hydrate Matrix:1080mg
Acerola Fruit Extract500mg
Pomegranate Peel Extract250mg
Grape Seed Extract75mg
of which Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins37,5
White Willow Bark Extract50mg
Absorption Enhancer:15,25mg
Cayenne Peppter Extract10,5mg
of which capsaicin0,85mcg
*reference intakte of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal). **RI (DV) or NRV not established.
Citrulline-DL-Malate, Arginine Hydrochloride, Beta-Alanine, N-Acetyl-Tyrosine, Taurine, Flavor Mixture, Flavouring, Beetroot Root Powde, Hesperidin, Choline Bitartrate, Caffeine, Sweetener: Sucralise, Shisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract 2:1, Cacao Extract, Quercetin, Astaxanthin, Pomegrenate Peel Extract, L-Glutathione, Roseroot Root Extract 8:1, Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Siberian Ginseng Root Extract 25:1, Magnesium Bisglycinate, Willow Bark Powder, Guarana Fruit Extract 1:1, Sodium Bicarbonate, Anti-Caking Agent: Silicone Dioxide, Nicotinamide, Cayenne Pepper Extract 10:1, Black Pepper Fruit Extract 25:1, Cyanocobalamin.

Consumption recommendation

Intake recommendation:

Northman, dissolve 15g (1 scoop) of powder in 200-300ml of water 30-45 minutes before your workout and drink it! Do not exceed the 2 poritions 30g (2 scoops) within 24 hours.


Do not exceed the specified recommended daily intake. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. The product should be stored out of reach of small children.

Content: 400g Item No.: 6651C

Attention! Some cans may contain an incorrect measuring spoon! Please check the measuring spoon size again before use!


We would like to point out that the booster can easily clump due to too high temperatures in the delivery vehicles. The intake and the subsequent effect remain intact.

With the help of the potion of the Norse gods, become an invincible warrior whose strength is so brute and whose stamina is so superior that he is worthy to fight alongside the gods against the giants during the last and toughest battles that will mark the end of the world after three years of duration and will go down in history as Ragnarok.

Product Highlights

  • Insane, literally skin-bursting pump that will turn rock-hard muscles into a fearsome mountain of maximally pumped muscle mass, crisscrossed with protruding, wildly pumping veins
  • Maximum increase in your brute strength, which will turn every movement of your muscles into a veritable inferno of death and destruction
  • Extreme increase of your muscle endurance and maximum delay of your muscle exhaustion to let you survive even the toughest and longest battles with maximum fighting power
  • Razor-sharp focus, maximum concentration and the fastest possible reaction time that let you react correctly to any unforeseen event within fractions of a second
  • Optimization and maximum acceleration of your regeneration to get you ready for the next brutal fight as soon as possible
  • Maximum delivery of oxygen, essential nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones to your hard-working, hungry muscles
  • Uses two independent pathways to maximize your nitrogen oxide production, whose effects add up without loss
  • Fastest possible neutralization and removal of toxic metabolites that could accelerate the onset of your muscle exhaustion
  • Maximize your intramuscular carnosine levels to nip any muscle performance-impairing acidity in the bud
  • Increased ATP production during hard muscle efforts
  • Reduction of oxygen demand and increase of VO2max during brutal and merciless battles
  • Improve the coordination of your muscle contractions for more powerful and precise movements
  • Significant increase in your body's production of muscle building hormones
  • Increase the production of muscle-building hormones while inhibiting unwanted effects of estrogen to make you the toughest and manliest warrior on the battlefield
  • Increase muscle protein synthesis rate and stimulate muscle hypertrophy for extreme gains in rock hard, fearsome muscle mass.
  • Glycogen sparing effect by increasing the use of body fat as an energy source for your hard working muscles
  • Maximum hydration of your muscle cells for maximum performance
  • Reduction of elevated catabolic cortisol levels to protect your muscles and accelerate your recovery
  • Neutralize free radicals inevitably produced during hard muscular efforts to protect your muscles and DNA from damage and speed up your recovery.
  • Reduction of muscle damage during hard muscular efforts and accelerated healing of muscle damage ""The land to the east of Tanaquisl was called Asaheim; but the main castle that was in the land they called Asgard ... Predestined by the prophecy of the Norns, arrived at the gate of the Shadow Thorns, he saw Odin's ravens hovering, lifting their wings toward the cold."

Are you ready for the battle of the gods? I call you Einherjer! Who were you when you took the sweet kiss of the Valkyries, sword in hand? The fearful die the straw death in Hel's arms. But I see you Einherjer, as I see each of you with my eye. Thousands with shield and spear. You too follow my ancient name. Hugin and Munin tell me of thee. Arm thyself in Asgard's great hall, Valhalla in Gladsheim's strong walls, whose mighty roof rises from the shields of the vapors into the clouds. The war against the giants and their monsters has begun. Let them come, with Fenris and Jörmungandr. We are ready. Do you hear the war horns of the heroes, their laughter and shouts? Valhalla with its 540 gates, through which thousands of Einherjers enter the battle side by side. They call out to you. Ragnarok has come. Death to all Hirmthusen ! Show me that you are worthy of Einherjer...

Sometimes even an invincible Norse warrior has to rise above himself In Norse mythology there is a prophecy about the end of the world known as Ragnarok. Ragnarok is the final battle of the gods against the giants that lasts for 3 years and ends with the death of the gods, as well as a fimbul winter that lasts for 3 years. The prophecy further describes that the stars will fall from the sky, all the mountains will collapse and all the trees will be uprooted.

Based on this prophecy, we thought about whether this end of the world could be averted if only enough intrepid Northmen like you would go into battle against the giants at the side of their gods. And since this will be the final, all-important battle that will decide the fate of the world and the gods, it requires a special potion that will give you superhuman strength, infinite stamina worthy of the gods, and a razor-sharp focus that will allow you to correctly assess any situation in a split second. This potion is Valhalla. And even though it is unlikely that this all-important final battle will take place during your lifetime, you can be sure that a potion developed to prepare you for Ragnarok will also give you superiority in all other battles and challenges of your life.

Because Valhalla is a very special booster for a very special kind of all-important battle, we've taken a slightly different and even more innovative approach to the ingredients than we have with previous boosters. Ragnarok is not just another battle against outclassed human opponents, but a battle against the superhuman, powerful giants of Norse mythology. In such a fight, the insane frenzy of a berserker that no human has anything to oppose won't help you - in this fight you'll have to be fully concentrated and make the right decisions within split seconds.

For this reason, we have completely dispensed with harsh stimulants, which can unfortunately cause inner restlessness and nervousness in many users in addition to the desired effects, and instead rely on a synergistic combination of highly effective active ingredients in our Energy & Neurosensory Matrix, which will not only give you razor-sharp focus, but also optimize your reaction time and your ability to concentrate, so that you will always make the right decision as quickly as possible, even in the heat of the most brutal and bloody battle.

"Valhalla will give you the kind of supreme superiority in any battle, no matter how brutal and hard, that will make you victorious even in the final, all-important battle that will decide the continuation of the world and the fate of the gods."

Pump & Endurance Matrix

An extreme endurance of strength is one of the most important qualities for a real Viking, which allowed these brave warriors not only to get through the longest and toughest battle with ease, but also to row their dragon boats across the sea for days in a calm. At the same time, it is a matter of course for a true Northman to always try to look as impressive and fearsome as possible, in order to intimidate any enemy by his appearance alone.

For these reasons, we've designed Pump & Endurance Matrix to maximize your muscle endurance and delay the onset of muscle exhaustion as much as possible, while giving you the most insane, skin-bursting pump ever experienced by an invincible Nordic warrior, making your muscle mountains seem even more huge and menacing.

To achieve these effects, we rely on a number of different mechanisms, the first of which is to maximize your body's nitric oxide production. In this mechanism, we rely on two completely independent pathways to maximize your body's nitric oxide production that work without overlap and whose effects therefore add up without loss.

Nitric oxide is a gaseous compound that relaxes the smooth muscles of your veins, causing them to dilate dramatically. And just as more water can flow through a fire hose with a huge diameter than through a puny garden hose, maximum amounts of blood can be transported through your maximally dilated veins to your intensively used muscles. Among other things, this results in this blood being pumped into your muscles faster than it can flow out again, which results in a blood congestion in your muscles that you will perceive as an insane, literally skin-bursting pump.

Such a pump will not only motivate you to new heights in slaughtering your already almost pitiful enemies during your brutal fights, but will also make your mountains of muscles, the sight of which will send a shiver of fear down the spine of even the most fearless fighter, appear even more terrifying.

In addition, a temporary maximization of your muscle volume through a pump that seems out of this world improves the mechanical leverage of your muscles, resulting in a further increase in your already brute strength and will make each of your blows with the battle axe a true inferno of death and destruction.

This brutal muscle pump is also one of the mechanisms by which our Pump & Endurance Matrix will maximize your muscle endurance and stamina even during the longest and most brutal battles, so that you can fully enjoy the joyful dismemberment of your fines without unnecessary pauses and never run the risk of giving an advantage to one of your enemies due to the onset of exhaustion.

This is due to the fact that maximum blood supply to your hard working, hungry muscles during the fight is synonymous with maximum supply of much needed oxygen, important nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones, while at the same time during hard muscular efforts inevitably large amounts of toxic metabolic waste products can be removed as quickly as possible, which would otherwise significantly accelerate the onset of your muscle exhaustion.

In addition to this, Pump & Endurance Matrix will, through another ingredient, increase the levels of the main intramuscular acid buffer, delaying as long as possible the over-acidification of your muscles that normally occurs due to an extreme increase in lactate production during maximum muscular effort and which greatly accelerates the onset of muscle fatigue.

Other factors that contribute to the truly superhuman endurance of your fearsome mountains of muscle mass include increased ATP production, a reduction in the oxygen demand of your hard-working muscles, and a neutralization of toxic ammonia produced in large quantities during brutal battles. Of course, a maximum supply of oxygen, important nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones in combination with an increased storage of glycogen by active ingredients of this matrix in the glycogen stores of your muscles emptied by hard fights, a stimulation of your muscle protein synthesis, as well as increased natural production of muscle-building hormones not only maximally accelerate your regeneration after brutal and exhausting battles, but also help you to achieve maximum muscle growth, which will make you an even stronger and more fearsome Nordic warrior.

And as a special bonus, your incredible muscle pump, which literally bursts your skin, can also significantly increase your muscle hypertrophy - also known as muscle growth - via a stretching of the hard connective tissue structure known as fascia, which surrounds your muscles and on the one hand maintains the integrity of your muscles, but at the same time hinders your muscle growth (19).

L-Citrulline Malate

Citrulline Malate is also known as the Nitric Oxide and Pump Buster of the Norse Gods due to its extreme effectiveness and impact among intrepid Viking warriors, which according to legend was sent directly by Odin to make his sons superior to all enemies on Earth. Even though citrulline works through the same pathway as arginine, its effects are far more potent because it is absorbed by your body almost without loss, unlike arginine, which to some degree takes the path of all that is perishable before it can work its magic.

An ingredient sent directly by Odin like Citrulline Malate would of course be unworthy of the divine All-Father if it only maximized your nitric oxide production and thereby your pump and blood supply to your hard-working muscles. Since even the most extreme pump with all its positive effects on your fearsome appearance won't help you much if your muscles give up early in the fight, Citrulline Malate can also massively increase the stamina of your muscles (9).

As you would expect from a substance of divine origin, several independent effects are responsible for this. First, citrulline malate is the limiting factor for maximum efficiency of the uric acid cycle, which neutralizes the toxic ammonia inevitably produced during hard muscular efforts before it can accelerate your muscle exhaustion and make you vulnerable to attack by your enemies (10).

Secondly, citrulline can significantly increase the ATP production of your muscles (11), which is especially interesting since ATP is the substance that ultimately provides the energy that your muscles need for brutal contractions and the development of brute strength. All of this will help you last much longer on the battlefield and perform those final brutal repetitions at the end of each set in the hell of cold steel that make the difference between a lanky sissy and a muscle-bound Northman. Since Odin has really thought of everything, Citrulline Malate will also stimulate your protein synthesis to speed up your muscle building and reduce your muscle soreness (9) to get you ready for the next brutal and bloody battle faster.

And because Odin, as the benefactor of countless human playmates, knows that life consists not only of bloody battles but also of pleasure, citrulline malate can also help you to be more "tough" with women (12) and make you a "tough" Nordic fighter in bed as well.

L-Arginine Hydrochloride

Arginine is the active ingredient that has made the successful category of Nitric Oxide and Pump Boosters what it is today. But even though arginine on its own is not quite as effective as the Odin-sent citrulline malate in its capacity as a nitric oxide booster, the Norse gods did not create this substance without good reason either. While other supplement manufacturers might have omitted arginine and simply increased the dose of citrulline, we have combined citrulline and arginine - and for good reason. Of course, citrulline is more potent on its own than arginine is on its own, but when combined, these two gifts from the gods of Olympus produce a synergistic effect that, when combined, will be significantly stronger than the effects of a dose of citrulline, no matter how large (13).

And just as each of the gods of Asgard has their own unique powers, arginine can do some things that citrulline cannot. For example, arginine can significantly reduce your body's oxygen cost during inhumane, brutal battles (14), which means your muscles will use less oxygen during combat to dramatically increase your stamina and endurance. Thus, you will never run out of breath in battle and while your defeated enemies already sink to their knees exhausted and gasping for breath, you will continue to freshly and happily hurl limbs, heads and other body parts with hard blows of your battle axe across the battlefield colored scarlet by blood - and before anyone should get any stupid ideas here: even if the Vikings were already in America and the movement is similar, this does not represent the origin of the American popular sport called baseball ;-).

In addition to this, arginine has extremely interesting effects on two of the most anabolic hormones in any Viking warrior's body. First, it can improve your insulin sensitivity and increase your insulin secretion (15), which will speed up your recovery via faster replenishment of glycogen stores depleted in battle and faster transport of much-needed amino acids to your hungry and battered muscles, getting you ready for the next merry slaughter. On the other hand, arginine can significantly increase your body's natural production of muscle-building hormones (16), making you an even more muscular and stronger Norse warrior who wishes to fight the giants alongside the gods during Ragnarok, as earthly opponents will soon no longer be a challenge for him.


Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that occurs naturally in your body in small amounts and is the limiting factor in the production of carnosine, the main acid buffer within your muscles.

To better understand the important role of the acid buffer carnosine, you need to know that during hard and intense muscular efforts, the energy metabolism of your muscles inevitably produces large amounts of lactate, aka lactic acid, which shifts the pH of your muscles into the acidic range and causes hyperacidity of your muscles.

Even though it may be to your advantage as a merciless Nordic warrior if you get really pissed off in battle and don't leave an opponent in one piece, this unfortunately does not apply to your muscles. Besides the burning of your muscles, which you have surely experienced on your own body after filleting the umpteenth enemy, an overacidification of your muscles will result in a dramatic decrease of their contractility and performance, until it finally comes to an acid-induced muscle failure - not good, because while you have to rest, your fellow warriors might slaughter the few halfway equal and thus interesting opponents right in front of your nose. In other words, this means that your muscles could work hard for much longer if they weren't put out of commission by this damned over-acidification.

And this is exactly where carnosine can help you out of your predicament. The carnosine stored in your muscles is able to bind the hydrogen ions of lactic acid that are responsible for this overacidification and can thus serve as a highly effective acid buffer. This has the effect of delaying the onset of your muscle exhaustion, and a later onset of exhaustion will dramatically increase your stamina - and more importantly, your kill count - on the battlefield, allowing you to get those final reps at the end of a set when fighting the cold steel of the weights that will make the difference between moderate and phenomenal gains in strength and muscle mass.

Unfortunately, your muscles' carnosine reserves are limited, but we have good news for you. Beta-alanine supplementation can increase your intramuscular carnosine stores by an incredible 80% (4, 5) and numerous studies have shown that beta-alanine supplementation can indeed dramatically increase your muscle performance and work capacity (6) - good for you, less fun for the unchallenged victims of your casual morning exercise with the battle axe.

In addition, scientific studies conducted with trained athletes have shown beyond doubt that beta-alanine in conjunction with strength training results in significantly greater gains in rock-hard muscle mass than training alone (7).

Beet powder

Beet was already on the menu of the Vikings as a nutritious vegetable, and as a result, these brave Northmen probably already benefited from the advantages of this nitrogen oxide booster over a thousand years ago, which were only discovered a few years ago.

This healthy tuber represents one of the richest natural sources of nitrate and as we now know, nitrate is a highly effective nitric oxide booster that can dramatically increase your nitric oxide production via the so-called nitrate - nitrite - nitric oxide pathway completely independent of the pathway via which citrulline and arginine exert their effects. Independent pathways is the magic word here, as this means that the effects of Beetroot Root Powder / Nitrate and Citrulline & Arginine add up without loss without overlap to give you the most extreme pump of your life.

And when you get right down to it, Beetroot Root Powder is the true invincible Northman of Nitric Oxide boosters. While the pathway through which Arginine & Citrulline work will give up and stop working like a pathetic English squire at the slightest challenge in a state of oxygen deprivation or in the presence of an acidic environment in your muscles, the pathway through which Nitrate works will remain fully functional even in extreme situations, such as those that occur during the most brutal and murderous battles, to provide you with what will make you superior and victorious in battle.

In addition to this, similar to arginine, nitrate can significantly reduce the oxygen demand of your muscles pushed to their limits during the most brutal fights, so that you never run out of breath in battle (17). And as a special bonus, the nitrate contained in beet powder can significantly increase both the strength and efficiency of your muscle contractions (18), which in other words means that during battle, instead of beating your enemies over and over again with braked foam like a soft-fleshed Central European without rhyme or reason, you will cut them into two manageable pieces with a single elegant and equally powerful and murderous blow of your battle axe or sword - that's what we would call efficiency in its purest form.

Energy & Neurosensory Matrix

On the one hand, an invincible Nordic warrior must possess unbridled strength and sheer endless energy, which enable him to downright destroy even the greatest excess of enemies with brute force, whereby even the last blow against the last opponent must be just as hard and powerful as at the beginning of the battle. But strength and energy is only one side of the coin - razor-sharp focus, maximum concentration and the ability to react within fractions of a second to any action of your enemies, no matter how unexpected, are decisive factors that can quickly determine glorious victory or ignominious defeat.

To give you all this - and much more - we've developed the Energy & Neurosensory Matrix, which is devoid of harsh stimulants to eliminate any unnecessary nervousness and inner turmoil that could affect your fighting ability. You must experience for yourself this incredible feeling of unbridled power and energy combined with an unprecedented mental control of your muscles and mind, as it is not possible to put into words this insane feeling of superiority in combat.


Tyrosine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in food that your body needs to produce the most powerful neurotransmitters in the body, adrenaline and norepinephrine, which are also involved in the stimulant effects of caffeine. Tyrosine acts synergistically with caffeine and can significantly enhance its stimulant and performance-enhancing effects, while also acting on its own to increase your exercise energy and delay the onset of muscle fatigue (41, 42). Part of these effects may be due to tyrosine's increased use of body fat to fuel your hard-working muscles, resulting in a sparing of your muscles' glycogen reserves and giving you greater energy reserves for even longer and harder battles on the world's battlefields.

Since regular tyrosine is not worthy of a true potion of the gods, we use N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, which has much better bioavailability compared to tyrosine.


Taurine is a non-essential amino acid that occurs naturally in your body and is known to synergistically enhance the effects of caffeine. In addition to this, Taurine stabilizes your electrolyte levels during brutal efforts in combat and also promotes hydration of your muscle cells, delaying the onset of muscle fatigue (38) and maximizing your muscle pump.

Other invaluable benefits for any Nordic warrior include an increase in VO2max and maximum work output of your muscles (40), as well as an improvement in insulin sensitivity and increased transport of glycogen and other nutrients to your hungry muscles (39) to maximally accelerate your recovery both during battle and after hard and grueling battles. As a further bonus, taurine has pronounced antioxidant effects (40) that can protect your muscle cells from free radical damage.

Cordyceps sinensis

Although the mushroom called Cordyceps sinensis does not have the mind-expanding effects of the mushrooms and mind-altering plants that helped the legendary berserkers achieve their fighting prowess and frenzy, this mushroom can still boost your energy levels for victorious battles. This is due in part to the fact that Cordyceps sinensis can increase your ATP production and dock to the same receptors as caffeine. In addition, Cordyceps sinensis has been shown to significantly increase the body's production of muscle-building hormones, at least in animal studies - and an excess of muscle-building hormones and virility was certainly one of the secrets that made the Norse warriors of the Viking tribes so invincible and superior. And on the question to what extent animal studies are transferable to humans, the counter question arises, how much untamed and wild animal is in a real Nordic warrior...

Dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate

Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate is used by your body to produce the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and supplementation with DM can significantly increase acetylcholine levels, resulting in increased concentration, improved focus, and a better mind-muscle connection for better strength performance.

In addition to this, DM has strong antioxidant effects in the area of your nerve cells, protecting your nerve cells from free radical damage or destruction (37), while preventing the formation of so-called "age pigments" in your brain that can promote and accelerate mental decline.

Rhodiola Rosea extract

Rhodiola Rosea aka rose root is a powerful adaptogen that was already used by the brave Norsemen and is therefore also known as the ginseng of the Vikings. When you look at the effects of Rhodiola, it quickly becomes clear why the invincible fighters of the North valued this plant so much.

Rhodiola, as a highly effective adaptogen, is capable of alleviating stress as well as improving focus, reaction time, and attention (43), which will keep you one step ahead of your enemies in battle.

In addition to this, Rhodiola can improve the neuromotor control of your muscles (43), which will increase your brute strength and turn every blow with axe or sword into a true inferno of death and destruction. At the same time, it will delay the onset of your exhaustion (44) by, among other things, increasing your VO2max and maximizing ATP synthesis during hard muscular efforts (45) to provide you with maximum energy for the longest and most brutal fights of your life.

And since Rhodiola can additionally reduce the amount of muscle damage inevitable during hard muscular efforts (46), while increasing your protein synthesis and lowering elevated catabolic cortisol levels (47), it will maximally accelerate your recovery after brutal and grueling battles and maximize your muscle building to make you an ever-ready, muscle-bound, fearsome nightmare of all your enemies-or would sacrifice be the better word?

Cocoa extract

Cocoa extract is rich in theobromine, which is related to caffeine and has a mild stimulant effect that can boost your energy in battle. Theobromine can also improve your focus and concentration during hard battles and improve your mood by stimulating the release of serotonin, so you will have even more fun in the happy carnage on the battlefield.

In addition to theobromine in our cocoa extract, flavonoids can synergistically enhance the effects of Pump & Endurance Matrix by stimulating nitric oxide production and improving blood flow to your hard-working muscles (36).


Although there is no clear evidence of this, it can be assumed that the Vikings made acquaintance with one or another caffeinated plant during their forays, which went beyond the borders of the then known world. And caffeine is truly a substance whose effects would have made any hardy Northman an even more successful and tough warrior.

This starts with the fact that caffeine reduces fatigue and exhaustion while making you wide awake and extremely focused, giving you razor-sharp focus and minimizing your reaction time. In addition, caffeine can both increase the power production of your muscles and optimize the coordination of your muscle contractions (50) to turn every move you make into a brutal and precise punch that leaves no opponent with even the slightest chance of survival.

In addition to this, caffeine can maximize your muscle endurance and stamina both during maximal efforts on the battlefield and during long endurance activities, such as rowing a long boat (51), based in part on the fact that caffeine promotes increased use of body fat as an energy source for your hard-working muscles, thereby sparing your muscles' glycogen stores (52).

Schisandra chinensis fruit powder

Schisandra is a true herbal powerhouse that will boost your energy through increased production of endogenous stimulating catecholamines and maximize endurance and work capacity of your muscles, while improving your reflexes, focus and concentration. As a special bonus, Schisandra can reduce your inevitably elevated catabolic cortisol levels during combat, both protecting your muscles and speeding up your recovery.

Ginkgo biloba leaf extract

Ginkgo has been successfully used since ancient times to improve memory and can significantly increase the concentration and focus of any Nordic warrior. These effects are based, among other things, on an improvement of the communication between the cells of the brain and the nervous system, as well as a better supply of the brain with important nutrients through a blood-thinning and circulation-enhancing effect. In addition, the latter synergistically enhances the effect of the Pump & Endurance Matrix and since Ginkgo also has pronounced antioxidant effects, it perfectly complements the Antioxidant Matrix.

Guarana fruit extract

Guarana is an excellent source of caffeine, which is bound to phytochemicals and will give you sustained energy without a slump due to a slower release. In addition to this, guarana can improve your focus and memory (48), while at the same time speeding up your reaction time and mental information processing (49), so that no attack of your enemies, no matter how fast and insidious, will surprise you, as you will be highly concentrated within split seconds to any unforeseen event.

Antioxidant Matrix

You might wonder why an invincible Northman needs something like an antioxidant blend and if it's not something for those dubious health freaks who annoy the rest of the world with their holistic nutrition... If so, then you should know that during hard and brutal fights with the sword or barbell, your body produces large amounts of free radicals as a byproduct of the energy metabolism of your muscles. Free radicals are aggressive, highly reactive oxygen compounds that can damage or even destroy both your (muscle) cells and your DNA through unwanted chemical reactions. Elevated levels of free radicals have been linked to a variety of diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease to dementia and Alzheimer's disease, and also accelerate the aging process and decay of your body.

Okay, do we have your attention now? And now the good news: the highly effective antioxidants contained in Antioxidant Matrix can neutralize those dangerous free radicals produced in large quantities during hard muscular exertion before they can do any damage. This protects your muscles from damage and also speeds up your recovery and recuperation after a brutal and exhausting battlefield slaughter, so you'll be ready for the next tough battle and another glorious victory sooner. In addition, the anti-aging effects of these antioxidants will help you fight hard battles even after your enemies of today are broken by age, drooling with dementia, and shuffling around bent over on a cane.

As you would expect from a true potion of the Norse gods, the ingredients of Antioxidant Matrix naturally possess numerous other benefits including anti-inflammatory effects that can relieve joint and muscle pain after tough battles, acceleration of healing from muscle injuries, an increase in the levels of muscle-building hormones while inhibiting the unwanted effects of estrogen, a stimulation of the function of your immune system, a synergistic support of the effects of the Pump & Endurance Matrix, as well as a glycogen-saving effect for more energy for even longer and harder fights.

Acerola fruit extract

Acerola cherry is one of the best and most concentrated sources of natural vitamin C, which is accompanied by a variety of other healthy phytonutrients such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, and polyphenols, and in this combination is more effective than isolated, synthetically produced vitamin C. At the same time, these ingredients give the acerola fruit exceptional antioxidant activity (20).

Due to its high content of biologically active vitamin C, which promotes collagen formation, and clear anti-inflammatory properties (21), acerola cherry can help relieve muscle and joint pain after brutal battles and quickly make any Nordic warrior ready for the next foray.


Hesperidin is a very special natural citrus flavonoid that, apart from its strong antioxidant properties, according to scientific research, has the ability to stimulate your muscle stem cells to develop into fully formed muscle cells (22). This has several advantages for you, as a tough Viking warrior who exposes his muscles and body to superhuman stress on a daily basis during brutal battles that would kill any normal mortal. First, it will speed up the healing of injured muscle tissue - whether it's muscle trauma caused by extreme exertion or deep wounds from your enemies' weapons - and second, it will naturally allow you to build even greater amounts of fearsome, rock-hard muscle mass much faster.

Pomegranate fruit extract

As an ingredient of the antioxidant matrix, pomegranate fruit extract naturally possesses pronounced antioxidant effects accompanied by significant anti-inflammatory properties (23).

More interestingly for you as a tough and invincible Nordic warrior, pomegranate fruit extract is able to measurably increase your natural levels of muscle-building hormones (24), while also acting as a natural estrogen receptor blocker (25). The latter can not only reduce unwanted side effects of estrogen - which is also produced in the male body - resulting in reduced water retention and a reduced tendency to build body fat, but also further stimulate your natural production of muscle-building hormones.

More of the primary male muscle-building hormone equals increased positive aggression, increased strength, and increased muscularity - qualities that define the nature and fighting prowess of any Nordic warrior and distinguish him from a weak peasant or a fat, decadent English monk.

Grape seed extract

Grapes are rich in antioxidant vitamins such as vitamins C and E and contain a number of other interesting phytochemicals such as flavonoids and resveratrol, which have strong antioxidant effects. In addition to these antioxidant effects, grape extract can support the function of your immune system and also has direct antibacterial effects (26) to prevent a Nordic warrior like you, who cannot be defeated by any enemy, from being incapacitated by something as trivial as the flu or other infectious diseases.

As an added bonus, grape extract can significantly increase your nitric oxide production (27), working synergistically with the Pump & Endurance Matrix to give you the most extreme pump any Viking has ever experienced.

Silver Willow Bark Extract

Whether the Vikings used willow bark for medicinal purposes is not known, but since Native Americans were using willow bark as a medicine long before the Vikings arrived, it is quite possible that the brave Norsemen, who were already using rhodiola and numerous other medicinal plants, also brought back knowledge of the healing powers of willow bark from their travels.

Silver willow bark, although less well known, has powerful antioxidant effects (28) that you can use to protect your muscle cells from the destructive effects of free radicals. In addition to this, silver willow bark contains a naturally occurring version of acetylsalicylic acid - better known as the active ingredient in aspirin - called salicin. Salicin has pronounced anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects (29) that can help a tough Northman who gives his all during battle and can't afford, or doesn't want, to rest his body, relieve muscle and joint pain after battle to be fully ready for the next grueling, no-holds-barred battle to the death more quickly.


With astaxanthin, we have saved perhaps the most interesting component of the antioxidant matrix for last. As far as the antioxidant effects of astaxanthin are concerned, there is probably hardly any other plant extract that can even come close to holding a candle to astaxanthin. The antioxidant effects of astaxanthin are many times stronger than those of coenzyme Q10 and green tea extract, ten times stronger than those of vitamin A, sixty times stronger than those of vitamin C, and one hundred times stronger than those of vitamin E (30). As another health benefit, astaxanthin can improve the function of your immune system by significantly increasing the activity of your immune system's killer cells (35). This will turn you into a truly invincible Nordic warrior whom neither enemies nor disease will bring to his knees. Of course, that's far from all. Astaxanthin seems to be able to reduce inevitable muscle damage during hard and intense battles, which means that it can significantly speed up your recovery after hard and grueling battles. Even though there are only studies conducted with athletes that show astaxanthin reduces markers of muscle damage after exercise, and the casual bumbling of competitive athletes has nothing to do with the harsh and brutal stresses a Nordic warrior's body is subjected to in life-and-death combat, these studies conducted with athletes may at least suggest a positive effect for fearless warriors (31).

In addition, astaxanthin has a significant glycogen-saving effect, as it causes increased fat to be used for the energy supply of your muscles (32). As a result, your strength endurance and stamina during hard and brutal fights with sword and battle axe are dramatically improved (33), and you will never run out of power even during classic endurance activities, such as rowing a long boat for days during a calm (34).

Vitamins and minerals


Niacin is an essential vitamin that belongs to the vitamin B complex and plays a crucial role in the energy production of your body and the function of your nervous system, which is important for your concentration and focus, as well as for an optimal control of your muscles. In addition, niacin can increase the working capacity of your muscles and reduce fatigue and exhaustion (1). For you as an intrepid Nordic warrior who fears neither death nor the devil, this means more energy, increased focus, and more power, which will be very bad news for your already unchallenged enemies.

In addition, through a pathway independent of nitric oxide production, niacin can dilate your blood vessels, increasing both blood flow to your hard-working muscles and your pump, synergistically enhancing the effects of the Pump & Endurance Matrix (2) to make you look even more massive and fearsome - which of course has its drawbacks, because where's the fun in the carnage when your opponents are running away with their knees shaking?!

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in energy metabolism and cell division, and is therefore vital for your performance during brutal battles, as well as for the maximum growth of your steel-hard muscles. In addition, like niacin, it promotes optimal functioning of your nervous system and can reduce fatigue and exhaustion while boosting the function of your immune system - because what bloodthirsty Northman wants to be tucked up in bed when he can stain the earth with the blood of his enemies instead?

Magnesium bisglycinate

Magnesium is an essential mineral that is increasingly lost through sweat during your intense efforts to break down your enemies into bite-sized morsels for the scavengers of the European battlefields. Since magnesium is essential for both your ATP production and your energy metabolism in the merciless and brutal fight against relentless opponents, an adequate magnesium intake can play a decisive role in ensuring that you always have the upper hand even in the most brutal slaughter. In fact, scientific research has shown that an acute intake of magnesium prior to strength training - unfortunately, for some silly ethical reason, no joyous slaughter was allowed in the lab - can significantly enhance training performance (3).

In addition, magnesium is an important component of various acid buffer systems of your body, which is why a sufficient magnesium supply is important to counteract an overacidification of your muscles, which are pushed to their limits in the merciless fight. At Valhalla, we use magnesium bisglycinate, which has one of the highest bioavailability of all magnesium dosage forms, and is the only one worthy of a true Viking.

Absorpion Enhancer

Piperine & cayenne pepper extract (capsaicin)

The Absorption Enhancer Matrix is the magic ingredient that gives Valhalla the true power of the Norse gods, setting it apart from all other man-made boosters. Piperine and the capsaicin found in cayenne pepper are able to inhibit a variety of enzymes responsible for breaking down the active ingredients found in Valhalla (8). As a result, this amazing booster sent by the Norse gods can deliver a much longer and stronger effect worthy of a true invincible Norse warrior who fears neither death nor the devil. Our Absorption Enhancer Matrix gives Valhalla the extreme strength and effect duration you need to endure the longest and most brutal battles, even if they will come close in duration to the length of Ragnarok, the three-year battle between gods and giants.

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