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Ultra Grips Black

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Climaqx Ultra Grips

Ready to catapult your workout to a new level? Stagnation is inevitable as soon as your hands and forearms cramp up. Climaqx Ultra Grips are equipped with a flexible anti-slip rubber, which you can wrap around any barbell or other equipment in seconds. The hands and forearms are noticeably relieved, allowing you to perform significantly higher weights with more repetitions from the first use.

Product information

  • 48% Silica Gel 32% Glassfibre 10% Nylon 10% Polyfoam

Pressing exercises

Whether bench press, biceps or triceps exercises or shoulder press. Maximum grip and stability is essential to train hard and intensively. The integrated wrist strap gives you more control and protects your wrist from injury. During pressing exercises, the rubber of the Climaqx Ultra Grips can be placed between the palm and the barbell in seconds. Amazingly better muscle feeling is immediately noticeable from the first repetition!

Pulling exercises

The flexible rubber can be wrapped around dumbbell bars or other equipment with one hand and quickly during pulling exercises. The focus of the exercise can thus be placed fully on the back muscles, while the forearms and hands are completely relieved. New muscle growth is noticeably activated.

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