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Rice Pudding Instant Meal - 3000g

from Gods Rage
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In the often stressful everyday life it is not always easy to find time for cooking, this is where the Rice Pudding Instant Meal from Gods Rage comes into play. Rice pudding is quick to prepare, provides high-quality complex carbohydrates and tastes incredibly good in combination with Whey.

Product Highlights:

  • Short preparation time
  • Optimal creamy consistency
  • 100% rice flour
  • Without artificial additives
  • Healthy complex carbohydrates
  • Easy to dose
  • ideal also as pre- or post-workout
  • Highest quality - Made in Germany
Nutritional values and ingredients
Compositionper 100% (NRV*)
Energy373 kcal / 1582 kj**
Fat0,7 g**
saturated fatty acids<0,1 g**
Carbohydrates83,1 g**
thereof sugar0,2 g**
Dietary fiber1,5 g**
Protein7,7 g**
Salt (Sodium*2.5)0,01 g**

Ingredients: 100% rice flour extruded (sifted).

Consumption recommendation

Nordmann, mix the desired amount of rice semolina pudding with boiling water and let it swell for 2 minutes. You get a perfect result with a mixing ratio of 1:3 (100 g rice flour / 300 ml water).

Content: 3000g Item no.: 8108

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It is well known that muscle building and nutrition cannot be separated. Rice in particular has become an integral part of bodybuilding and weight training as a source of carbohydrates. There are numerous reasons why this is so. Rice can be digested quickly, is really simple to cook and provides your body with healthy carbohydrates so that you always have enough energy available. However, rice can take a while to prepare, and unless you're cooking rice pudding, it's not so easy to make a sweet meal with it. Sometimes you have to be quick and you only have a few minutes for the next meal. For this purpose, there is the new Rice Pudding Instant Meal from Gods Rage. 100% pure rice flour, which can be mixed with a spoonful of Viking Whey and some boiling water in seconds to make a delicious meal.

How does Rice Pudding Instant Meal differ from conventional rice pudding? In addition to rice, rice pudding often contains huge amounts of sugar and thus an incredible number of unnecessary calories. The Rice Pudding from Gods Rage, on the other hand, contains only 0.2 g of sugar. The fat content is also incredibly low and is just 0.7 g. This makes Rice Pudding Instant Meal a valid meal, whether in a diet, during the build-up or as part of a competition preparation.

Rice Pudding Instant Meal is free from added sweeteners or artificial flavors. Due to the neutral taste, the rice flour can be used for a wide variety of preparation methods. Whether used in the morning as a porridge or as a delicious post-workout meal, Rice Pudding is easy to measure out and can be prepared in moments. Whether combined with our delicious Viking Whey, v**egan protein powder from GN** or the delicious flavor products from Frankys Bakery, Rice Pudding Instant Meal can be prepared exactly to your taste and the nutritional values you need. The coarser texture of our rice pudding provides an unparalleled texture and delicious creaminess. The use of puffed rice flour ensures that this desired consistency does not suffer even during lightning-fast preparation, so you can always look forward to an ideal meal.

Rice Pudding Instant Meal from Gods Rage because there are few things as crucial to your success in the gym as your diet, but there are more important things than always spending long hours in the kitchen. What are you waiting for, see for yourself.

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