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Protein on the Way - 6x300ml

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Nutritional values and ingredients

Average nutritional values
per 100 mlper 300 ml
Energy200 kJ / 47 kcal600 kJ / 141 kcal
Fat0,1 g0,3 g
- thereof saturated fatty acids0,0 g0,0 g
Carbohydrates0,1 g0,3 g
- thereof sugar0,1 g0,3 g
Dietary fiber1,2 g3,6 g
Protein10,0 g30,0 g
Salt0,27 g0,81 g

Ingredients: 97% hen egg white, concentrated; acidulants: citric acid,malic acid; thickeners: sodium carboxymethylcellulose; coloringconcentrate (radish, apple, blackcurrant); natural flavors; preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate; sweeteners: sucralose.

Consumption recommendation

Flavored protein drink without added sugar, with sweetener. Best enjoyed chilled. Shake well before opening.


Excessive consumption is not recommended. Keep opened package in a cool place and use within 24 hours.

Content: 6x300 ml Item no.: 7734E

For our products we use only eggs from controlled and certified free-range management

Probably the most concentrated and convenient on-the-go protein source with exceptional high biological value that you can always have with you!

Product Highlights:

  • 30 grams of high quality protein per 300 ml tetrapack
  • Protein on the Way is one of the highest quality sources of protein
  • Stimulation of protein synthesis and muscle building due to very high leucine content
  • Quickly digestible and therefore also ideal as a source of protein after training
  • Completely Free of fat and carbohydrates!
  • Ideal for diet and competition preparation thanks to good saturation effect
  • Lactose-free and free of milk protein and therefore also suitable for people who suffer from lactose intolerance or an allergy to milk protein
  • Small and light tetrapack pack that you can always have with you and take everywhere you go

What makes Protein on the Way one of the best and most convenient liquid protein sources available?

Our Protein on the Way is an instant, ready-to-eat, extremely high quality liquid protein product for on the go. Thanks to its very high concentration of protein and lightweight packaging in the form of a convenient 300 ml Tetra Pack, our Protein on the Way fits in any bag or glove compartment, so you can always have it with you.

According to our market research, there is no liquid protein product on the market that contains more high-quality protein per 100 ml and per pack than our Protein on the Way. And don't be fooled by the numerous highly concentrated protein and amino acid shots that advertise higher protein content. If you look at the ingredient list of these products, you'll find that the protein they contain is primarily hydrolyzed collagen - an incomplete protein source with a biological value of less than 20, lacking important essential amino acids, and against which even the generally reviled wheat protein is still world class.

Of course, our Protein on the Way is much more than just another convenient on-the-go protein product. We wouldn't be GN Laboratories if we hadn't optimized Protein on the Way in every way possible to give you the best possible product to maximize your benefits. Read on and see for yourself what other benefits our Protein on the Way has to offer.

Protein on the Way is a fast-digesting protein that is digested as quickly as whey protein and leads to a rapid and, above all, strong increase in amino acid levels in the blood shortly after consumption. This makes Protein on the Way an excellent alternative to whey protein and at the same time also a protein source that is excellent for use before and after training.

Due to the rapid supply of amino acids, Protein on the Way, when consumed before training, can increase blood amino acid levels during training, preventing a training-induced catabolic state that promotes muscle breakdown during training by providing sufficient amino acids to hard-working muscles. At the same time, Protein on the Way, thanks to its high content of branched-chain amino acids, will increase your training energy and allow you to train more intensely and for longer periods of time.

After training, Protein on the Way quickly transforms the training-induced catabolic environment in the body that promotes muscle breakdown into an anabolic environment that promotes muscle growth and also significantly accelerates recovery.

Protein on the Way has the highest natural content of the anabolic branched-chain amino acid L-leucine of all natural protein sources - only whey protein contains even more leucine, but only 10% more, so that the differences are not really significant in practice. L-leucine was shown to stimulate protein synthesis via activation of the mTOR pathway as well as to significantly increase it, and that for protein-induced stimulation of protein synthesis, L-leucine is mainly - if not exclusively - responsible.

This means that by stimulating protein synthesis, Protein on the Way will accelerate your muscle building more than any other protein source apart from Wheyprotein and is almost on par with Wheyprotein in terms of this effect. By the way, one tetrapack of Protein on the Way contains the "magic" amount of about 2.5 grams of leucine - magic because 2.5 grams of leucine stimulate protein synthesis to the maximum and larger amounts do not stimulate protein synthesis to a greater extent.

That this is not just gray theory has been shown in the context of numerous scientific studies. For example, studies have shown that Egg Protein has a more anabolic effect than the same amount of soy protein or wheat protein and produces a greater increase in lean body mass than either of these protein sources. Another study conducted at McMaster University under the direction of Dr. Stuart Phillips was able to show that consuming just 5 grams of Egg Protein after exercise increased protein synthesis rates and accelerated recovery.

Our Protein on the Way can also bring benefits during a diet. A study conducted at St. Louis University showed that Egg Protein is very satiating, reducing food intake throughout the day. At the same time, Protein on the Way provides large amounts of very high-quality protein, which helps to actively counteract muscle loss during dieting and competition preparation.

And the icing on the cake for those who want to maximize their protein intake with the lowest possible calorie intake should be the fact that our Protein on the Way contains neither fat nor carbohydrates. Yes, you read that right: 0 grams of carbs and 0 grams of fat - and that's with a whopping 30 grams of protein per pack. You can't get more protein per calorie than Protein on the Way!

As an added bonus, our Protein on the Way is a great alternative for those who can't tolerate dairy protein or want to avoid dairy protein for other reasons - the latter is often the case with competitive bodybuilders who feel dairy protein gives them a "thick skin" that worsens their definition.

Since Protein on the Way contains neither lactose nor milk protein, it is usually very well tolerated even by people who are allergic to milk protein (about 1 - 4% of the population) or suffer from lactose intolerance (about 15 to 20% of the population) ,.

For whom is Protein on the Way particularly suitable?

Of course, our Protein on the Way is a very good natural source of protein for virtually any healthy and active person. However, certain groups of people may particularly benefit from Protein on the Way:

  • People who cannot consume dairy-based protein sources such as whey protein or casein due to lactose intolerance or an allergy to milk protein
  • Dieters looking for a well-satiating protein source that provides maximum protein with minimal calories
  • People who travel a lot and want a convenient, ready-to-eat, high-quality protein source they can take with them wherever they go
  • Intensively training athletes who need a high-quality protein source for consumption before and after training to stimulate protein synthesis and regeneration.

What are the best times to consume protein on the go?

Of course, you can consume Protein on the Way at any time for an extra boost of very high-quality protein. However, there are some times when consuming Protein on the Way is particularly beneficial:

  • Pre-workout to provide anabolic amino acids to hard-working muscles during exercise and prevent an exercise-induced catabolic environment that promotes muscle breakdown from the outset
  • Post-training to rapidly transform a training-induced catabolic environment into an anabolic, muscle-building environment, maximize protein synthesis and muscle growth, and accelerate recovery
  • Between main meals for an anabolic boost of leucine and other essential amino acids to stimulate protein synthesis and maximize muscle growth
  • As a meal replacement or snack during the diet to achieve good satiety with few calories and to optimally protect the muscles from diet-induced catabolic muscle breakdown.

The GN Laboratories Quality Guarantee

We use only the purest and highest quality ingredients the market has to offer. In order to guarantee you a consistent, highest quality of all our products, each of our products is regularly tested in the laboratory for the purity and quality of all its ingredients.

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