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Glutamine NanoPure® - 500g

from Gods Rage
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Nutritional values and ingredients
Compositionper 5 g% of the reference amount (NRV*)
L-Glutamine500 mg**

Ingredients: L-Glutamine

*Percent of the recommended daily intake according to Regulation (EU) No. 1196/2011.

**No nutrient reference values (NRV) available.

Consumption recommendation

Nordmann, Stir daily 1 x 5 g (1 measuring spoon) Hospitaller Glutamine in 150 ml water and drink it!


Do not exceed the specified recommended daily intake. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. The product should be stored out of reach of small children.

Content: 500g Item No.: 6992


The healing potion that will speed up your regeneration after hard and merciless battles in the weight room and heal your injured muscles, while helping to build strength and new muscle mass and increase your resistance to make you as strong and powerful as the strongest of all weapons of the All-Father Odin!

Product Highlights:

  • Accelerated regeneration and healing of your muscles battered and injured in merciless battles, so that you may be fully ready for the next brutal fight as soon as possible.
  • Effectively prevents catabolic breakdown of your hard-won muscle mass during periods of starvation and deprivation, as well as during dieting and competition preparation
  • Promotes the function of your immune system, so that no disease, no matter how insidious, may diminish your fighting strength.
  • Can increase your levels of muscle-building hormones by up to 400% when taken on an empty stomach
  • Can promote a faster build of steel-hard muscle and brute strength, dramatically accelerating your transformation into a fearless Nordic warrior before whom the world will tremble in fear
  • Increases and accelerates the resynthesis of glycogen to give you maximum strength and endurance in battle

"Once the sons of the dwarf king Ivaldi created the strongest of all weapons. The mighty Gungnir, the spear of the All-Father Odin. Born from the consuming fire at the end of the world, forged with an iron will, unstoppable and strong, never missing its target. The fire may burn everything and yet it creates the strongest things. You decide, for it takes only a spark to create a mighty flame. The hardest steel is forged in the hottest fire. In the end, what matters is that the fire within you burns more powerfully than the consuming fire around you. Only then will you yourself become Gungnir, defying all, the weapon of the gods, strong and unstoppable."

Gungnir - because healing and regeneration are two of your strongest weapons during your battles in the weight room and during brutal and merciless battles

Brute strength and enormous mountains of muscle mass that will make any opponent freeze with fear are only one side of the coin. At least as important is that you recover as quickly as possible after brutal and merciless fights and that your hard-beaten, injured muscles are quickly repaired and rebuilt stronger than before, so that you can easily withstand even harder loads in the future.

Anything that will help you achieve this can be considered one of the strongest weapons in your arsenal and is at least as important as your sword or your deadly Nordic battle axe. For this reason, we have named this product, which promotes and accelerates your regeneration after brutal and exhausting battles against the toughest foes and the cold steel of the weights in the weight room, as well as increases your resistance to disease after the strongest of all weapons of the Norse gods - Gungnir, the spear of Odin, forged in the consuming fire at the end of the world with an iron will by the sons of the dwarf king Ivaldi, and which never misses its target.

Gungnir - more than just support your regeneration and improved immune system function!

Our Gungnir is primarily designed to support regeneration and healing of micro-trauma and damage to your muscles after brutal battles on the field or in the weight room, so you'll be ready for the next merciless battle faster. At the same time, Gungnir boosts the function of your immune system to prevent mundane illnesses like a cold or flu from weakening you and affecting your fighting ability.

But that is by far not all. In addition, Gungnir promotes and accelerates your muscle growth by stimulating muscle protein synthesis and promoting a positive nitrogen balance. Furthermore, when taken on an empty stomach, our Gungnir can increase your release of muscle-building hormones by up to 400%, which will give your muscle growth and fat loss a powerful boost. At the same time, Gungnir will increase your muscle cell volume, making your fast-growing muscles even bigger and more awesome, signaling to any potential opponent that they better not mess with you.

But that's not all Gungnir also has a pronounced anti-catabolic effect and can effectively protect your hard-earned, valuable muscles from catabolic breakdown - especially during periods of starvation as part of a strict low-calorie diet or a tough, deprivation-filled competition preparation.

Gungnir gives everything to keep you strong, powerful and healthy, so that you may always be ready for brutal battles against seemingly superior enemies.

What is the unique power of Gungnir based on?

True to the tradition of the Nordic warriors, who lived very healthy apart from occasional carousals with lots of mead after successful raids, Gungnir is free of dubious and potentially harmful or unhealthy ingredients. It contains only pure and proven natural glutamine, whose effects and harmlessness have been proven beyond doubt by countless scientific studies.

Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the human body and in virtually every protein source, accounting for 20% of the amino acids present in the entire body and over 50% of those present in your muscles in free form. This high concentration of this amino acid shows how important it is to countless processes in your body. These bodily functions include the function of the immune system, the function of the digestive tract and the protein metabolism of the muscles, all of which would come to a standstill without glutamine.

Even though glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that the body can produce itself in certain quantities, situations often arise in which the body's own glutamine production is simply not sufficient to meet the increased glutamine demand. Triggers for such drastically increased glutamine demand include, but are not limited to, physical and mental stress, illness, and intense physical exertion during brutal and grueling combat.

In such situations, if additional glutamine is not provided through diet or supplements such as Gungnir, the worst case scenario for any Nordic warrior or strength athlete occurs: your body breaks down muscle tissue to get the glutamine or branched-chain amino acids(BCCAs) it contains for faster synthesis of much-needed, survival-essential glutamine! In other words, too little glutamine can cost you some of your hard-won muscle mass!

But fear not, invincible Northman, Gungnir can save you from the horrors of catabolic muscle breakdown with the power of Odin!

The unique advantages of Gungnir in detail

We have already briefly mentioned some of the benefits that Gungnir can offer you. Now it's time to go into more detail and show what practical significance these benefits can have for you as an invincible Nordic fighter. And since there are still some people who like to claim that glutamine is useless, we have taken the trouble to link some exemplary studies that prove our statements.

Gungnir to promote and accelerate your regeneration

A relentless battle - whether it takes place on the battlefield or in the weight room - will rob your body of its strength and leave you weakened, with reduced resistance. A quick recovery can make the difference between life and death in the next battle and between success and failure of your efforts in the weight room. In both cases, you should leave nothing to chance and give your regeneration with Gungnir a significant boost.

During hard and intense battles against the cold steel in the weight room, glutamine levels in your body can be reduced by up to 50% and without adequate glutamine intake after training, it can often take several hours for these levels to return to normal (8). Until these levels are rebuilt, the training-induced catabolic environment in the body cannot be converted to an anabolic environment that promotes muscle growth.

Since your digestive tract and immune system rely on glutamine for energy, your body will even sacrifice muscle protein to meet its glutamine needs (9) - say goodbye to your muscle mass and fighting strength! But it doesn't have to come to that. Oral glutamine supplementation can increase plasma glutamine levels by 200% in a very short time (4) and give your body all the glutamine it so desperately needs.

In addition to this, glutamine can accelerate glycogen resynthesis and the replenishment of your glycogen stores depleted during brutal fights or relentless training sessions (4, 5), which is crucial for recovery, as you will not be able to fully perform and fight again until your muscle glycogen stores are full again and your body will not start building new muscle tissue until your glycogen stores are replenished.

Do you want to fall into a catabolic hole after your workout and first lose muscle or do you want to benefit from a fast onset muscle gain? With Gungnir you have it in your own hands!

Gungnir for faster gains in lean muscle mass and bigger and plumper muscles

Bigger muscles usually mean not only more (fighting) power, but at the same time a more awe-inspiring appearance, which makes it unmistakably clear to all your opponents and competitors that it would be a very bad idea to mess with you, as they can only lose.

Glutamine stimulates muscle protein synthesis and plays an important role in regulating body-wide protein synthesis. Scientific studies have clearly shown that glutamine positively influences protein synthesis, nitrogen balance and muscle growth (7).

In addition to this, glutamine has a muscle cell volumizing effect similar to creatine, as it has the ability to draw water into the muscle cells, making them plumper and fuller (6).

Apart from the fact that such an increase in muscle cell volume will make your muscles appear bigger, plumper and more awesome, an increase in muscle cell volume also possesses direct anabolic, muscle building effects, as it can increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis according to scientific research.

To maximize the muscle cell volumizing effect with all its unique benefits, you can combine Gungnir with creatine, as these two active ingredients work synergistically together and enhance each other's cell volumizing effect. And what better way to do this than with Odin's Strength - the purest creatine product under the skies of the Norse gods, sent from Asgard by Odin himself.

Interestingly for muscle building, an isolated intake of just 2 grams of glutamine on an empty stomach can increase the body's natural release of muscle-building hormones by up to 400% according to studies. These muscle-building hormones are among the body's most powerful anabolic hormones and can both accelerate your muscle growth and promote fat loss.

These direct anabolic effects are further enhanced by the aforementioned accelerated recovery, which will allow you to train more often and harder, often providing a stronger stimulus for building new muscle mass.

Gungnir - the fast way to bigger and more impressive muscles that will show all potential opponents who is the master in the weight room!

Gungnir for the protection of your hard-earned, valuable muscles during periods of starvation

During times of famine, the most important thing for Nordic warriors is to maintain their fighting strength against all odds - and in practice this means losing as little muscle mass as possible. Even though famines are no longer on the agenda in our latitudes, there are, however, very similar scenarios from a purely physiological point of view during a strict fat loss diet or intensive competition preparation.

And just as maintaining fighting strength could make the difference between life and death for the Vikings, maintaining muscle mass will make the difference between victory and defeat in competition for a competitive athlete.

This is where Gungnir comes in. Since glutamine has strong anti-catabolic effects that prevent muscle breakdown and also promotes the building of new muscle mass, it can effectively prevent you from losing muscle if you can't afford to give up even a gram of muscle mass.

Gungnir could decide about victory or defeat in your next (betting) battle!

Gungnir to support your resistance and immune system

Diseases and plagues were among the most insidious enemies that Norse warriors had to fight. These enemies could not be defeated by sword or battle axe and represented the only enemy that could be truly dangerous to a true Viking.

Even today, even the toughest fighters and strength athletes, whom no other opponent can defeat, can be knocked out by a few microscopic viruses or bacteria. If you're sick, you can't fight or train, which can leave you with bitter non-fighting defeats and cost you much of your hard-won progress.

Unfortunately, athletes who train intensively are particularly at risk, as hard and brutal training sessions have a negative effect on the immune system and therefore immune defenses are significantly compromised during the first hours after training (10), increasing the risk of infectious diseases.

Fortunately, the pure glutamine contained in Gungnir can support and strengthen your immune system, preventing you from having to take breaks due to illness. Scientific research has shown that glutamine supplementation after hard workouts can boost the immune system and significantly reduce the risk of infection (1,2) - and this effect is not limited to athletes, which means that any health-conscious person can benefit from glutamine!

With Gungnir, sick breaks in your training will be a thing of the past.

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