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WaNa Food is a manufacturer of protein bars and "functional sweets" based in Milan, Italy. The company aims to bring to the market so-called "functional sweets", an alternative to bland, hard protein bars that can shine with bright colors, imaginative ingredients, a crunchy texture and, of course, a delicious taste. These products are meant to have the taste of traditional candy while being very healthy due to their composition. To achieve this goal, WaNa Food's products are free of added sugar, trans fats, preservatives, gluten and genetically modified ingredients. In addition, many of these treats are suitable for a ketogenic, low-carbohydrate diet.

WaNa Foods also shows social commitment and promises that for every package of its products sold, a meal will be donated to children in Kenya. For this purpose, the company cooperates with the Italian aid organization Alice for Children. WaNa Foods' product range includes protein bars with a variety of different flavors. The target group for these products includes not only bodybuilders and strength athletes, but also athletes of all disciplines and all people who want to eat healthily and are looking for protein-rich, healthy treats to replace classic sweets.