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Oat King

The Oat King brand was launched in 2009 by the well-known German "functional food designer" Heiko Lackstetter. Oat King is a brand of the company LSP Sporternährung GmbH, founded in 1998 in Hürth near Cologne, which specializes in sports nutrition, diet products and oat-based energy and pleasure products. LSP stands for Lachstetter Sport Produkte and began its history in an old shed on the farm of the company founder's parents. Heiko Lackstetter has been an enthusiastic strength athlete since his youth, which naturally also influenced the development of his products.

All LSP products - and thus also the Oat King product range - have been manufactured in Bonn since 2008 in an in-house TÜV and Bio certified production facility. Maximum quality and product safety are also ensured by the internal HACCP system and ISO 22000 certification. According to its own information, LSP is Germany's most awarded sports nutrition company, which includes the state award for the best food producer in NRW, DLG Gold and Silver awards, the iTQI Premium Taste Award and the FIBO Innovation Award. In addition to this, all of the company's products are guaranteed to be free of any substances that are on the anti-doping list of any sports organization.

The company LSP acts as a sponsor of numerous athletes in the fields of weight training, bodybuilding, weightlifting and martial arts and is known for its numerous charity projects and events, the proceeds of which benefit children's and animal charities.

The Oat King brand specializes in sports-oriented products made from oats, and "plenty of energy at the right time" is not one of their slogans for nothing. Here, special emphasis is placed on sustainability, which is reflected, among other things, in the fact that all Oat King products are made from natural ingredients and deliberately avoid anything that is not good for the body in the long run. It is also important to Oat King that the ingredients used come from sustainable agriculture and are certified organic.

Among the brand's best-known and first products are Oat King oat bars, which are available in many different flavors. In addition to these, there are a variety of products with oats, ranging from porridge, healthy oat cookies and pancake mixes to oat drinks. All of these products are vegetarian and many are also suitable for vegans. Oat King's target audience includes athletes and bodybuilders who want an energy boost from healthy complex carbohydrates, as well as anyone who wants a healthy snack between meals or a healthy breakfast.