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Odin Grip

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With an iron fist Odin led the gods in many a battle, unceasingly holding Gungnir in his hand and the fate of the nine worlds firmly in his grip

Now it's up to you warrior to take the outcome of the battle in your hands. Gripping the weapon tightly, you will not let go of victory and triumph will not slip from your hands.

Product specifications:

  • Strongman Edition /All Black
  • 95% cotton for soft feel
  • 5% elastane for enough elasticity
  • Highest quality
  • Elaborate silicone grip printing
  • Large silicone patch on front and back, as well as on arms and shoulders
  • For Strongman, Powerlifter, Weightlifters, Bodybuilders, Crossfitters and More!

With the power of the All-Father, you'll prevail in any battle. With the Odin Grip Shirt, slipping away of yourself or your weights will be eradicated with divine power! The Odin Grip shirt provides the ultimate support for any athletic challenge, whether it's the Log-lift, Bench Press, Giant Dumbell, Atlas Stones or the classic Squat, more power through stability. High-quality silicone, in combination with cotton and elastane, provide a comfortable feel. Whether for powerlifting or the strongman variant, with this grip shirt no victory will slip out of your hands.

Attention warriors, the Odin Grip shirt, does not represent a fashion item for everyday life or a visit to the cinema. It is a multifunctional sports shirt, which means a tighter fit is mandatory. It is not designed to be worn wide, please order sizes accordingly.

Please wash the shirts only at 30 ° (design turn inside!)! Do not put the shirts in the dryer! Also, the shirts must not be ironed! If you follow these rules, your warrior shirts will survive countless battles!

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