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GOT7 Nutrition GmbH und Co KG is a supplement manufacturer based in Holzwickende, which was founded in 2015. GOT7 specializes in high-protein and low-sugar or sugar-free treats that most athletes and health-conscious people would otherwise rather do without. These products are not so much classic muscle building and bodybuilding products, but primarily healthier and higher protein counterparts to popular classic treats.

GOT7's most popular products include high-protein, low-fat chips with a protein content of about 40%, as well as a variety of sauces ranging from barbecue sauces to salad dressings that deliver much less fat, calories and carbohydrates than their classic counterparts. Other popular products include zero-calorie flavor drops to enhance cottage cheese, yogurt, and all desserts; sweet spreads without sugar or palm oil; protein bars, Flap Jacks, and sweet snacks; and protein cheesecakes and protein wraps.

All GOT7 products are characterized by a taste that is indistinguishable from the taste of the more caloric, classic counterparts of these products. The target group of GOT7 includes athletes, bodybuilders and all people who want to eat healthier, richer in protein, lower in fat and calories and do not want to miss the taste of popular snacks and treats.