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Fitness Authority

Fitness Authority, also known by the abbreviation FA, is based in Otomin, Poland. According to the company, its goal is to produce effective supplements for all types of athletes, from bodybuilders and MMA fighters to cyclists and basketball players. Here, special emphasis is placed on synergistic effects of the ingredients.

Fitness Authority's product line is very broad and includes muscle building products such as protein powders, amino acids and pump supplements; wellness and health products such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin products and digestive support products; athletic performance products such as workout boosters and carbohydrate products; and the "So Good" product line, which includes various nut butters, bars and snacks. 

Fitness Authority's target audience includes recreational athletes, bodybuilders and endurance athletes who want to build muscle and increase their athletic performance, as well as people who want to improve their health and well-being and/or are looking for high-protein and healthy snacks.