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Bang Energy

Bang Energy is a manufacturer of energy drinks, founded in 1993 by Jack Owoc. In addition to Bang Energy, the VPX and Redline brands also belong to the same group of companies, which employs a total of 167 people. Jack Owoc began his professional career as a teacher specializing in science subjects and worked part-time as a nutrition coach for athletes. Out of this passion - and through numerous negative experiences with inferior commercial supplements - Owoc matured the plan to produce supplements tailored to the real needs of hard-training athletes.

Due to the bad experiences with inferior quality of numerous other products and to ensure consistent quality, Bang Energy says it tests all raw materials used in an in-house laboratory. Bang Energy is the branch of the company group that primarily focuses on energy drinks and pre-workout boosters. Unlike most manufacturers of other energy drinks, Bang Energy is characterized by products that are sugar-free and contain, in addition to caffeine, other ingredients of interest to athletes and health-conscious people, such as creatine, EAAs and coenzyme Q10. In addition to this, most products are vegan, gluten-free and suitable for a ketogenic diet.

Bang Energy's target audience includes athletes, gamers, and anyone else who wants a quick, intense boost of energy to increase their mental and physical performance.